Lake Tanganyika fish carry their young in their scales, tails, fins or mouths? Who recently, in the last few years, finally had a statue erected to his memory, he having been one of Ireland’s favourite sons for decades, but never publicly acknowledged in this way? What sets “Southern Rock” apart from other rock music? Can you name the 5 song of “The Top 40 Songs of the Year” for that still gets much airplay to this day? To ensure that on-line orders are safe from fraud, what happens to the details being sent to and from an ordering site? The Gatling Gun was the first firearm to do what?

In a desperate attempt to save his circus, he invents an act called “Flaming Death. What were the Maquis? Which Baltic nation applied for a Nordic Council membership? It sounds like ‘s rock music and the singer sounds kind of like Janis Joplin but it’s such a small clip of the music it’s hard to tell What New Jersey school did Dierks Bentley graduate from? What parts of the body experience growth at different rates, called anagen, catagen and telogen?

In a study, this city was named the most literate in the United States, boasting more bookstores per capita than any other city, twice the national average for spending on books, and the largest percentage 80 percent of library-card holders in omvie country. What US political party’s strongest stance was about slavery, and which member went on to become president?


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What proportion of those held in prison in the UK are on remand? Why do the Dallas Cowboys always play a game on Thanksgiving? Around years ago, stories of two frolicsome individuals sent from Hell caused havoc and made quite a bit of mess until one of God’s messengers turned one of them into rock.

Name the Disney Character I. Which mythological object has the etymological meaning “terrible-horse”? Which fruit, native to only one particular region of the world is associated with commercial fragrances, a beverage named for a British Stateman, and a method for treating severe melancholia?

I need help remembering the name of a video game about Star Wars. There are nearly million of these worldwide. What is Trrivia Aiken’s favorite restaurant?

What was the name, and what was the drawback? What do they call “unleaded”?

What and when was the hottest day ever? It sounds like ‘s rock music and the singer sounds kind of like Janis Joplin but it’s such a small clip of the music it’s hard to tell The latest Tweets from balleringhal balleringhal. Harry Potter Movies II. What is the title of the album released by the Alan Parsons Project in ? In what rockabilly star became a regular member of The Jonny Cash Show tours?


What does it mean when a social group is catty? Which Greek poet created the iambic-meter?

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What is the world’s largest insect? Joseph and Magda Goebbels had six young children, sadly how did these innocent children die? Alfred Hitchcock Movies I.

Being a law-abiding person, I can’t get rid of the lights, but I would like to know just when this custom began. What newspaper has been in print the longest? What caused American Airlines to make an unscheduled stop in Nashville on Dec.

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Join Facebook to connect with Demi Movei and others you may know. Legend has it that a certain ruler demanded a group of experts to create something unique to claim as his own. Which is the oldest self-governing British colony? Indiana Jones Films Who is the world’s oldest “gamer?

I would still like the answer to: Palestrina, Mozart, Dvorak, Verdi and Faure? In what states prohibited gays and lesbians, or gay couples, from adopting children?