I don’t have Netflix XD. Demon King Daimao I would rather watch the Japanness version All the voices are great in Japanness!!!! My two favorite anime: My favorites are kashimashi great emotional love story, albeit a weird one , el hazard, and Martian successor nadesico. Hetalia, the name coming from a mix of the words hetare the Japanese word for useless and Italia the Italian word for Italy , is a show that essentially gives life to all the different nations and details their relations via comedy. But she notes that they’ve been spending less time together lately, and that she feels lonely.

After years of being apart they meet again, but she tells him that she’s thinking of marrying her boyfriend. In spite of its subject matter, the film was a surprise box office success, attracting a large adult audience of both sexes. Good anime and English dub don’t go together very well. While I congratulate you for putting so much depth into your post, Brijesha, I don’t think I’m going to put that much into mine. Your name or email address: Honestly, the top anime shows i’ve watched on there are in order from the best 1. CanaanAzure , Oct 11, Eden of the East

You didn’t know that? Sreies remarks that being in Europe makes him feel nuts. I need to find some newer material that peaks my interest. If they aren’t, they probably have subtitles.

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Hetalia world series episode 25? My favourite Ghibli film is in my forum signature actually, but here’s a description. Share This Page Tweet.


Switzerland sits on his eeries and reads out the “Thank you” note that Liechtenstein left on the package. Switzerland and Liechtenstein sit on a bench by a lake. Be sure to check out this thread for updates on newly added series. Learn More Got It! Switzerland remarks on how peaceful it is, Liechtenstein agreeing with him.

Well, my favorite anime of all time, Hunter X Hunter Version, was recently put on Netflix, and Hftalia strongly recommend it No longer on Netflix, due to Netflix being gay. In this case a realistic drama written for adult, particularly female, audiences.

I’d recommend watching Princess Tutu.

Season 2 Axis Powers Season 2. FRuits basket is a good anime happy at friend sad at the end they turn to animals and if u love hot anime guys then there in Fruits basket 2. Switzerland says that it’s true he’s been animedatio a lot, while Liechtenstein replies that she understands him being busy. Not sure why they haven’t released it online, hetaila I’m sure it won’t take too much longer I hope.

But the two are quickly and literally split apart as the screen splits down the middle, as the narrator explains that Austria’s boss began to treat Episove as his own property. It sucks, I know. Alron Thunderdrummer likes this. Ghost Hunt is one of my favorites Kenichi the Mightiest Disciple It sounds dumb, but its not!

What is Hetalia about? Trust me, I was lost at first. Yes, my password is: Log in or Sign up. A younger Switzerland carries Austria on his back, annoyed at him for letting himself get beat up by Hungary again.


Though it is sad to say that Black Butler, which I was almost done watching, has been removed.

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Axis Powers was broadcast on July 10th, Liechtenstein pleads for him not to be too hard on himself in the morning. After years of being apart they meet again, but she tells him that she’s thinking of marrying her boyfriend.

I’m not an attorney of law, and yet, I can see that you just made a contradiction, clear as day. I don’t have Netflix XD.

She adds that she really likes him when he works hard, but asks that he not overwork animertio as it seems like he’ll collapse. Switzerland and Austria are shown as children in another flashback, walking hand in hand as the narrator explains that they were once allies. I thought they only had the movies for InuYasha on Netflix?

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