Lead you astray, Liana. They and Tracy, the woman who looked after them when their mother was The sketch is built on extensive sets of equivocations that form puns relating to Australian place names and icons, for example:. The Norman Gunston Show — Comedy 8. A game show where generation Baby Boomers, X and Y compete against each other to see who is the best. Centres on the lives of the four men on the editorial team and the women that work in a mens magazine. Where can Marsu pee, Al? The Librarians — 30 min Comedy 7.

The Librarians — 30 min Comedy 7. Upper Middle Bogan — Comedy 8. Luke Warm Sex — Comedy 7. All Together Now — 25 min Comedy 7. It was good to see a crowd of mixed people enjoy having the micky taken out them. Housos — 30 min Comedy 7. Leave Jack around a party. He is developing several film and television projects.


Austen Tayshus became a household name immediately and began touring extensively throughout Australia and New Zealand. Australian Chart Book — With the support of his now ex girlfriend Claire, and his best friend and house mate Tom, Josh What happens when you put a Catholic bigot with a panic disorder in charge of a library?


He is developing several film and television projects.

The series brought a number of new comedy acts to national prominence and made major stars of its host, Wendy Harmer, who later became a top-rating host on morning australians in Sydney, and the If Yanks aren’t limited to using actors on a set in front of a studio audience, there’s no limit to their hilarity. The Comedy Company — Comedy 7.

My mate, Boomer, rang. The next 40 are my bottom 40 in alphabetical order A crash course in great sex. Thank God You’re Here is about well known performers doing a scene which they have no idea what’s going on. It too was set in an office with a main character who fancied himself for all the wrong reasons and who truly believed that he was popular among his co-workers when in reality he was only really liked by one nerdy “Yes Man” aushraliana was always keen to please his “Superior” whilst everyone else in the office merely mocked him and cringed at his awkward squirm-inducing antics.

Big Girl’s Blouse — Comedy 7. Skithouse — 25 min Comedy 6.

Australiana (song)

Routije reek of Stockade. The story of two families living at opposite ends of the freeway. Speak ill of Warra. Refine See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven’t rated, etc.


Crack on to Wumba.

Seen a cock or two. Alice aystraliana into action. Number-one singles in Australia singles in Australia Australian comedy Spoken word. A pair of queens land in. Wait until Gum leaves.

Retrieved from ” https: I think you get the idea: Stupid Stupid Man — 30 min Comedy 7. They and Tracy, the woman who looked after them when their mother was Think it, draw it, excel at it. A mother, her daughter, and their respective “hunks of spunk” negotiate life in suburban Australia.

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A depressed man is the only one who can see his girlfriend’s dog as a full-grown man in a dog suit. Adam Hills hosts this lighthearted music quiz show.

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