Kakeru said he had done the same. Dracyan said Kakeru and Dracyan were one heart and mind, so Kakeru can turn his spirit into power. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This fascinates Riki as Sumi then wants him to do something for her. They decide to take some tips from Wen and Li. After a successful victory at the Winner’s Tournament, Yamato returns to his hometown along with his friends. Saneatsu said a replacement can be made if opposing team does not object.

Yamato continues taking on Biarce with the stake of the entire B-DaWorld on the line. Please consider summarizing the material while citing sources as needed. Saneatsu it was already too late, and ordered to activate super-speed elevator. He sends forth his servants to attack Akyulus and seize him and offers Yamato and company to surrender. This is a list of episodes from Battle B-Daman. The West Block champion is decided first and then it is time for the East Block championship to be held.

Riki offers his teacher to read it from page 95 but she declines and most of his classmates laugh at him although Riki does not understand.

Dman dorashian da zei ” Japanese: Karat’s affection, but will he be able to even it up, or will Bull and the gang be eliminated? Dracyan said Daan is responding to the battle. Gunnos is reluctant, but suddenly it appears that the elder is actually part of Bedeus gang masters in disguise. They are on-topic and relevant Anime related. DownBull must battle between his 3 selves over what to do with Ms. Sumi offers he go with her to Miracle Shoot as she wants new B-Daman parts but Riki declines and leaves.

Although Kaito defeated Takeru for the number 2 position, Takeru was chosen as Yukihide’s teammate.

List of Battle B-Daman episodes – Wikipedia

Dracyan said he was thinking about the match, and had eplsode where it was. Grey trains for the tournament and arrives at an underground B-da battle arena, where he meets Enjyu and both battle. However Bull gets kidnapped and Akyulus is the only one that notices. Fill the linked form if you: Would like to apply for Disqus Moderator, click here.


B-Daman Crossfire

What new surprises await for them there? However the twins excellent cooperative play turns the tides to their favor, pushing both Crosfsire Blaster and Chrome Harrier to the brink of defeat. During class, Riki Ryugasaki looks over a book filled with world mysteries like valleys and pyramids, finding them quite interesting. Kakeru thought the greatest B-Daman mystery depended on this match.

Meanwhile Yamato and Grey encounter the twins Ferreus and Equus who are trying to prevent them from reaching Peisode. Ruri said someone was facing Xrossfire. Saneatsu decided to host a tournament between East Block and West Block members.

Reiji said he did not hate Yukihide. Liena and Li along with other players participate, on the match, Liena earns the strike shot and the opportunity to participate at Winners.

Akira notices Riki does whatever Sumi tells him to and likes it. Akyulus and Enjyu battle to qualify for the finals. The battle enrages and Akyulus becomes berserk causing B-daeus to flee with the help of the twins, Fereus and Equus.

Akira said Kakeru has become a veteran B-Shot. The score is eppisode tied 2 to 2, Grey passes the final task to Yamato crodsfire awaits for the Final Crosfire that will decide the fate of the entire B-da World. Xrossfire does Cain really have planned for Grey and the others by coming out crodsfire battle Grey himself?

Akira said the B-Daman just spoke. Yamato quickly uses his great power, but has trouble against Akyulus almost invisible stealth shot. Finally Gunnos reveals the truth but promises to really win first place next time. Kakeru remembered Saneatsu had mentioned the winner’s reward. Ouga enters the Power Lane. In a re-match, Kakeru and Dracyan knocked down the 7th pin with super shot. He sends forth his servants to attack Akyulus and seize him and offers Yamato and company to surrender.


The three roses are about to claim victory, but are intercepted by Wen and Li, also With new and improved cartridge system B-damans. TP reveals his true self with the name of B-daeus, a man who wants to control the B-daworld and with his subordinates they interrupt the Awarding ceremony! Yamato and the entire gang decide to stop them.

In Miracle Shot, Kakeru was choosing a loader for Dracyan.

This action enrages Akyulus who suddenly seems to be possessed by feelings of hatred and anger. When the battle begins, Akyulus faces problems with the advanced use of the brainstorm and it seems like no b-daplayer can keep up with the speed of the brainstorm, besides it seems to have serious side-effects for the user.

Akyulus manages to keep up with the brainstorm system and is able to barely fight at equal footing, but in the end he decides to achieve a long-term victory by using his Stealth shot to miss on purpose and instead of earning his last point to win the match, he attacks the core system of Brainstorm.

That Guy is a Transfer Student? All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. The matches are in a tie 1 to 1. In the last moment sensing his friends feelings, Grey uses all his B-da spirit and summons the wind to fight on his side!

Mie, Armada and Liena decide to take Yamato and the gang go for a picnic to relax before the final match.