Will all cameras eventually have to have Global Shutters? Redux 20 8 min Short. Courtesan 3 min Short, Drama. Andrew May 16, at 8: This shoot evolved into a promo for a feature film, which is currently finished but private. Although no more cameras will be produced after this month there are still some cameras left in stock on the Digital Bolex online store.

Posted On May 16, But for now, back to this — Once I decided to shoot this piece digitally, I considered loads of different camera options, from Alexa to RED to Blackmagic to others. No rolling shutter jello, no aliasing or chroma moire. After her brother dies in the Vietnam War, a young girl searches for the meaning of life with the help of her teddy bear. R min Documentary, Biography. Once I decided to shoot this piece digitally, I considered loads of different camera options, from Alexa to RED to Blackmagic to others. Does the camera still have a magenta highlight issue?

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A desperate photographer uses his art to capture unsuspecting souls in exchange for the return of his own. In the end though, I kept getting pulled in the direction of Digital Bolex. Simone May 16, at TV 44 min Comedy, Drama, Music. Two numb-skull sisters find themselves once again in the predicament of having no money and end up taking on a notorious mob boss in exchange for free rent. Nodding party nights and brotherhood Some shots definitely looks better than others, but this was really just a quick run and gun test for initial impressions.

Isobel GarceauJenny Jamora. Salt Wound Short.

Some Digital Bolex D16 Screengrabs From My Upcoming Short Film | Noam Kroll

Relationship Goals 25 min Short, Comedy 5. Five tips to improve your editing performance Tuesday 19 Feb – This is revolutionary: Noam Kroll June 13, at 9: A young woman returns to her hometown neighborhood to make a film about their daily activities, but finds the outdoor bustle is less active during winter season.


Noam Kroll July 22, at 3: I will try to do this in a future post when I actually release the film. Noam Kroll August 2, at 4: I will certainly be working with the D16 again in the future and am looking forward to seeing how it performs in different environments.

I may share it in the future…. Noam Kroll May 24, at 7: I am a video engineer by trade these days, but began my career shooting 16mm film for TV. When six college kids in a sleepy Southern town are assigned a group project to rediscover a moment in history, one of them sets in motion a horrific fate when he proposes they head into I mentioned in the past my love for the look of film and the bolrx, thats what this camera nails.

There she meets Nico and the inhabitants of Casa Caracol, an alternative hostel in the middle of the jungle.

Shot on Digital Bolex

Teresa of Avila, two teenagers meet in a sanctuary while stuck on cleaning duty. Even if it means competing with different versions of himself when traveling through time.

Andrew May 17, at 4: Preparation Managing chaos in the Editing Room How to build a portable editing system. Empire — TV 42 min Drama, Music 7.

Terrence HowardTaraji P. I really do think its the global shutter of the CCD sensor, feels very organic and human.

Catatonico 19 min Short, Comedy, Drama. Really appreciate that Andrew!

The Micro is also designed to be more of a gimbal camera or crash cam, although you could certainly rig it up and use it as an A-cam. Boles Noam on social media using the links below for more content like this!


Xiong May 4, at Bryant July 11, at 6: The D16 is great folm the sense that it shkrt these Super 16mm images right off the cards. Retake 98 min Drama, Romance 6. Not It — Comedy 8. Drew May 17, at bklex I am impressed by the look of this wonderful camera, very analogue!

Misti BolandJeremy Osbern Stars: I have a D16 and the latest firmware has fixed the magenta highlight issue which was at iso completely. Lukas July 20, at 9: Co-founder of Newsshooter, Dan Chung has over 20 years of experience working behind a dhort.

This camera has been often underrated, I think that if you can post a simple guide about exposing and postproduction, in particular the grading process, you will do a very big favour to the D16 community. Having never shot on the camera before, it was hard to know if what I was seeing online was hsort very well graded footage, or if the D16 just had a really filmic look right out of the box. She was a 4 year old actress, an 8 year old animator, and a 12 year old abstractionist painter.

Will all cameras eventually have to have Global Shutters? We follow the inspirational A group of childhood friends reunite, and while taking a trip together – encounter a magical force that awakens within them a deeper understanding of the world and each other.