Which book was that? Was this review helpful to you? See all 3 questions about Certain Prey…. John Sandford has created some amazing characters, who really came alive for me. She must be eliminated in order for Hale to discover that he is destined or perhaps manipulated into being with Carmel. He might have been an Indian except for his blue eyes. Seemed to have missed when Lucas first met Officer Marcy Sherrill. Jan 02, Nancy rated it really liked it.

This is the story that introduces the diabolical Claire Rinker. Why- lots of Carmel and Clara and their crazy dysfunctional friendship, and not as much Davenport. Can a Porsche keep up with a Jaguar? Great mystery genre authors appear to do this with ease. Rinker arrives in Minneapolis and smoothly dispatches Barbara Allen. He has two children, Roswell and Emily, and one grandson, Benjamin. That year he was a Pulitzer finalist for a series of stories on Native American culture. Barbara comes from old time money so where Hale likes to play around on Barbara, he will never leave her.

He’s a physical wimp. Another great addition to the series with a new set of bad ‘guys’ that are great women. Years ago, Lucas Davenport almost died at the hands of Clara Rinker, a pleasant, soft-spoken, low-key Southerner, and the best hitwoman in the business. On the plus side, Sandford does a very effective job of creating a really involving, page-turning read, with excellent plotting that throws curves into the story which you often don’t see coming, but which are completely logical outgrowths of the situation and never forced.

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Special Agent Malone Art Hindle The 10th Lucas Davenport novel is one of his most popular because, I believe, it is a study of opposites and contrasts. Watch Now With Prime Video. This is the only novel I have ever read that made me feel real sorrow for a paid murderer.


Camp is a personal friend and hunting companion to fellow Minnesota author Chuck Logan. In the very first Davenport book, the hero is described as “slender and dark-complexioned, with straight black hair going grey at the temples and a long nose over jphn crooked smile.

Certain Prey

He dresses fashionably, favors European-cut clothing, and drives his personal Porsche and Nissan truck or van while on duty. He even uses news media contacts to leak secrets to freak out criminal suspects or motivate laggard senior officialdom.

Sandford is a novelist with the rare ability to carry over characters and plot elements with complete believabiity while allowing both to develop in interesting, unexpected but natural ways – the only other “serial” novelist who does this nearly as well is Anthony Trollope, and he avoids murders.

He is not above skirting the law and accepted procedures to move a case forward. We later find out that his reasoning was completely wrong so a mistake led to a major breakthrough. Jaded adult serial killers could feel a simpatico friendship, albeit one certtain each new friend having plans to murder the other if the need comes up.

John Sandford (novelist)

Oct 26, Thom rated it really liked it Shelves: By Storm Prey he has acquired, and uses, a detachable magazine Beretta shotgun of unstated model, probably an M3P. Especially when you see the rampage the killers get up to. Lucas’ other weapons include a Browning Citori over-and-under 20 gauge shotguna.

Goofs It was mentioned aynopsis Lucas’ cabin is in Wisconsin. Pages with related products. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Humans, especially females, might possibly spend time analyzing their killing tendencies along with their favorite stores to shop, but inevitably, listening in to such a conversation might feel so surreal as to turn into a Saturday Night jon. Clara Rinker is a hitwoman. He switches back to his customized.


It’s especially fun to watch the by-play uohn Lucas and Carmel Loan, and Clara Rinker is an inspiration. This guy makes Carmel go googly eyed when his large hands Alright you thrill-seeking, fiction reading, bullet-dodging, crime scene peeking, evidence planting, breaking and entering, crime enthusiast sonuvaguns, here it is: The ‘not the sharpest knife’ lawyer, Hale Allen and his lover Louise or is it Carmel.

He returns in Night Prey as a Deputy Chief a political appointmentrunning his own intelligence unit. Fans of “thrillers” with reservations because of the language. It’s unfortunate how tawdry real life relationships which end up in criminal acts sound in print and on television.

Certain Prey (Lucas Davenport, #10) by John Sandford

synopsjs She was wounded in the end of that episode by Lucas after she tried to ambush him at his home. So that’s the story – or is it? Abused by her lowlife stepfather and raped at an early age, she still retains certain values and standards.

This is the tenth book in the Prey series by John Sandford, which remains as fresh at this point as at the beginning. Rinker was only slightly bothered by the fact the church was not the denomination Lucas had mentioned in one of their “friendly” chats. I usually dislike bringing back bad guys simply because they always seem to have the same old Jason-like supervillain abilities that don’t ring true, but Clara is a different breed.