However, there was that little part of me that basked in Yoon Joo’s absolute mortification once she realized who Se Kyung’s White Rabbit really was. She also looks like a high school girl lost in the land of grown-ups so I am hoping for more character development here. In the promotional video, Park Si-hoo appears and says, “We meet again thanks to your support”, No I think Yoon Joo is even a better acted character. Funny no one mentions So E-Hyun’s excellent acting. His role requires him to perform a lot of action scenes,

This drama has everything that i need to relax my self. I am anxious to find out if he will be friend for foe toward Se Kyung. If anything, he should still go find Se-kyung, show her everything he prepared and see if she still rejects him. You big fat JERK! I can not wait for next two episodes. Seung Jo goes back to work and finds Dong Wook waiting for him, wondering how the confession went.

I LOVE his dance moves. Her decisions are simply stupid and serve no one, not even her. This will be his comeback for the first time in a year since ” Cheongdam-dong Alice “, So in the end Se-Kyung’s choices are to tell herself and face the pain of hurting a loved one and the possibility of rejection or wait ccheongdamdong somebody else tells him and then face his pain and possible rejection.

I can not wait for next two cbeongdamdong. I love how the intimate drama of these two souls and the skewed world they inhabit is in effect lifting the curtain on the glitz and bling a little more episoode and with greater deliberation than a three minute pop song has the space to do.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4

Just bookmarked the two sites, oh I lOVE the pictures of them together. Or how he pulls that emoticon bunny from under his blanket and does his crazy arm dance…haha.

She likes Seung Jo for real, and she got to know him without pretext. Total Blog Hits 5, visits. You have very valid points I must say. I’m not too sure about that one, but I’m at least relieved that Se Kyung doesn’t have any sincere intention to continue the game till the end just so she can be inducted into Cheongdam-dong enclave. Maybe Team Seung Jo can help them. Surely he must know how she feels.


They track her down to Heritage Club, located near the riverside. He admits to not being able to trust others, or his own heart; she wonders if his admission means he trusts her. However, there was that little part of me that basked in Chepngdamdong Joo’s absolute mortification once she realized who Se Cheongdamdoong White Rabbit really was.

At the end, Se-kyung will marry her Prince Charming and live in a beautiful and spacious Cheongdamdong palace. I love MGY, but I felt like they style her wrong! She SK is really the sugar and spice girl. He admits that he is not some perfect guy and really likes her. Se-kyung’s emotional palette widened, she opened up more to “Secretary Kim”, there was some serious hilarity and we got to see how sweet Psycho-jo really is.

When they reach the Heritage Club, they split up looking for Se-kyung. She enters every design contest possible, cheerily dusting off rejections and the accompanying hardships, but it all pays off.

Se Kyung gets wasted and passes out. Clearly they have a plan, even though they claim otherwise.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 9

Ugly love, ugly girl I hated this episode. So I am going to root for this OTP because I know this one will have a happy ending can we tell already? Raine I found a plot thread I like: The dialogue between Se Kyung and Yoon Jo was moving too. Personally, I’m hoping for the latter.

Aye, I love the psychiatrist friend to.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 3 and 4 | Scattered Joonni

Whether it will actually be alicee is not easy to assess at this point, Debberdeux, that is what saves me with Faith fever, so now that I am also having a PSH fever as well, I share my bottle with you: Dude, the guy is crazy, but it’s so loveable you want to pat him on the head and hug him and tell him to sit down at the same time. She’ll even take care of the warranty, He made my day: Frankly speaking SJ do not deserve SK.


He describes himself a pathetic man; she describes herself a terrible woman. Seung Jo happily piggybacks Se Kyung home while Yoon Joo watches with tears chelngdamdong her eyes as he fairly hops with joy down the street. She hits a nerve and Il-nam bids her to leave the family.

But even so Se-kyung turns away and escapes to her room, still at a loss over what to do. The problem is, Ah-jung and Se-jin arrive without Se-kyung in tow. I am addicted to his dancing…. His acting and persona shine so bright it hurts my eyes. OK, Cheogndamdong did choose this vid because of the hair and eye shadow, but if you just listen and not look, it is much better.

TS January 7, at 9: While his story alce those fantasies and dreams are hceongdamdong of; hers pulls me back on earth, and make me look deep within myself, and at society and her sad realities.

Oh, and then the transformation when he meets his father in the hotel, this very insecure, outwardly cold son, internally wanting real relationship, hurt, OMG so much aliice there.

Her phone had a lot of missed calls from Secretary Kim, who is really President Cha. Tick Girl comes in, makes fun of her for standing, because they were school pals and all.