Sheriff almost makes the biggest mistake of his life, then does. Rusty commits a felony offense to prove he’s a good dad. After a debilitating sports injury, Rusty is home schooled by Early. Sheriff’s old classmate makes the mistake of returning to town. At his high school reunion, the Sheriff settles an old score. Dan Halen tells the citizens of Dougal Country about Obama sneaking fluoride and other mind bending drugs in to the drinking water to indoctrinate them with Socialist propaganda. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title?

Sheriff and Rusty go on a manhunt for Early at Lake Okaleechee. Granny’s on the prowl for love, Confederate style. Two idiots open competing taquerias mere feet from one another. Jealousy sparks industry sparks grave robbery sparks the apocalypse. Use the HTML below. Sheriff discovers alcohol at the world’s largest outdoor cocktail party.

Terror ensues after Early shoots a cow belonging to Al-Qaeda.

Season 11 Justice is served, mayo free. Not featuring Patrick Swayze. Early decides to remain faithful to all 97 of his new wives. The Cuylers donate their bodies to science while they can still make money from them. Early takes one frreaks the team, the wrong team, in the battle over marriage equality. Jim FortierDave Willis.

Squidbillies S05 E08 – Clowny Freaks

Early’s most confusing conspiracy theory turns out to be false. The Sheriff goes deep undercover to apprehend his most wanted man.

Early starts his own cult and marries a bunch of women in a “Jim Jones” like manner. Early protects menial American jobs from the Mexicans willing to do them.


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Rusty discovers that steroids have fukl negative repercussions. Clowny Freaks 8 years ago. Share this Rating Title: In the fifth season of Squidbillies you can count on more chaos erupting in the north Georgia mountains than you can shake a stick at. Season 1 Introducing America’s favorite animated family. Early brings his message to the people whether they want it or not.

Rusty Cuyler voice Dana Snyder Season 5 Episode 8. Need for Weed 8 years ago.

Full Cast and Crew. A study of the migrations and libations of the ignorant redneck land squid. Lobster Freak voice Larry Wachs Early learns to deal with rage by punching it in the face. Season 3 Rusty opens up a world of digital wonder when he mashes buttons. A very special Squidbillies musical in which Early and the rest of the group sing about how much they love the USA. Early teaches Rusty that life is a game and sex is first place.

A pointless and moronic tale of the dangers of going green. The discovery of Lil’s secret drug operation brings widespread panic to Dougal County. Squidbillies Clowny Freaks Clowny Daggers! Sheriff’s dad, the Sheriff, breaks the law to break down social barriers.

Early learns the importance of family, and profiting off them. Advances in modern technology allow Early to visit Florida.

Early goes on a rampage with the ghost of epissode dead father. Gaga Pee Pap returns to pass the family ignorance on to Rusty. Jim Fortier creatorDave Willis creator. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Season 4 An accident leads to rage leads to friendship leads to love leads to murder leads to political success. Holodeck Redneck Ep 5 Jun 13, Clown Boy voice Andrew Montesi Season 2 Early and the Sheriff reach a crossroads. Smelling youthful and sexy comes at a heavy price.


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Fatal Distraction Ep 7 Jun 27, An accident leads to rage leads to friendship leads to love leads to murder leads to political success. Early seeks employment in a difficult job market. Season fresks Early takes one for the team, the wrong team, in the battle over marriage equality. More Seasons in Series See All.

Rusty discovers that he is one of the greatest football players around and this affords him a chance to go to college, but Early is against it and does all he can to stop it from happening.

Rusty commits a felony offense to prove tull a good dad. Dan Halen faces his own mortality and finds solace in an ancient religion.

Share this video Facebook Twitter. When his father is placed on death row, Early snaps to action and tries on a new hat. Lil’s disregard for birth control provides a lifelong friend for Early. Sheriff voice Dave Willis Gull parenting skills are called into question by a magical snowman.