Director Kim Ki Duk and a judge for the Daejong Film Awards of the same name clarified, “We believe there will be suspicions on why the awards have been given to one specific piece. Full list of theater locations here: Posted October 31, Notify me of new comments via email. Humor and fear accompany the commoner Ha-seon as he undergoes the steps to become a true king, and as an untold side to the tragic King Gwanghae is unveiled. I thank you so much. Costume directors Kwon Yoo Jin and Im Seung Hee, and art director Oh Heung Suk stood onstage to thank everyone for what would be the start of a flood of awards for the film.

We hope you understand. History remembers one king with two faces. NEW said they are not sure whether Kim had been notified from the organizers about his winning of the special jury prize. In the winter of , King Injo […]. By 0ly40 Started September 7, We used to judge each piece and then compare each area, but this week, whenever the screening of a film ended, we put down our scores, sealed the envelopes and kept them in a safe. The film, which had drawn 11 million viewers as of Tuesday, is a costume drama in which a clown who resembles Gwanghae, the 15th king of the Chosun Dynasty, steps in for the king.

This year, Masquerade won awards in a total of 15 categories, bringing the ceremony host SHIN Hyun-jun to comment in awe: In the film, Lee plays high-ranking North Korean official Ri Myung-un who is in charge of the impoverished country’s earning of hard currency overseas. September 30, at When the King collapses from a mysterious poison, Ha-seon must carry off the biggest masquerade of his career to save the country from chaos while under imminent threat of death.


Director Kim was given a special jury prize for the bleak morality tale, but left the venue before his name was announced.

48th Grand Bell Awards

Watch the trailer here: Notify me of perfirmance posts fiml email. Though the threat of assassination and conspiracy made him a tyrant, Secret history indicates that out of the fifteen years of rule, Gwanghae was a good and wise king for fifteen days. History remembers one king with two faces. In the winter ofKing Injo […]. Announcements February birthdays Login Issue.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Lee Byung Hun also had more reason to celebrate, as his film Masquerade sweeped 15 awards this day. The actor said it was difficult to play the character but he learned a lot while shooting the film.

Lee Hye Ji Editor: By Maetawinz Started September 28, The day was swallowed by Masquerade. But on February 28, Gwanghae left the following entry in his journal: By 0ly40 Started August 8, The versatile actor LEE Awaeds. A man not meant to be king. Both series won the hearts of audiences through their combination of historical genre, excellent story-telling, and a romance that transcends time.

Humor and fear accompany the commoner Ha-seon as he undergoes the steps to become a true king, and as an untold side to the tragic King Gwanghae is unveiled.

Late bloomer wins best actor award for spy film

Posted November 1, This site uses cookies. Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 3 of 3. Though he got an award at the very beginning of his theater debut, his screen career didn’t go so well. Mega hallyu star Lee Byung-hun played dual roles for the film, as the king and the fictional Ha-sun, a street actor who ends up standing in for the ruler when he is poisoned and taken ill.


By 0ly40 Started September 7, It took over almost all of the most weighted awards, and at this, Shin Hyeon Jun was led to repeat again and again, “This really is a day for Masquerade. Gwang-hae was the fifteenth king of the Chosun dynasty.

He often played villains and comic relief. By larus Started September 14, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

Ri is one of the henchmen of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il. I think he fed me… I thank director Yun for giving me the opportunity to play the awardss. Read More Feb 17, I want to thank director Kim Ki Duk of Pieta and my family.

The 55th Grand Bell Awards has announced the nominees through the press release on September 21st. Email required Address never made public. While shooting the spy action film, Lee said he was uncomfortable because he couldn’t present the character as described in the screenplay. The company was criticized for its hold on theaters for the movie, as CJ CGV, the largest multiplex chain in Korea, is its division.

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