Gradgrind 4 episodes, The Artful Dodger steals for Sikes, then secretly reports on him to Fagin. Retrieved 4 April Amelia confronts Compeyson again, only for his wife to arrive and pass herself off as his sister. Couples dance in Hogwarts Great Hall. He compared the opening episodes to “a weird Doctor Who episode where the Doctor enters some kind of weird alien dream world populated by characters formed from half-remembered dreams of his reading of English Victorian literature”. Bob Cratchit View Bob Cratchit.

Reverend Chadband 1 episode, It is night-time in 19th-century London and snow is falling. Martha Cratchit 11 episodes, Zaak Conway It’s clever, certainly, and must have been a labour of love, unpicking all these people from their works, weaving them into something else. Archived from the original on 28 January By Hannah Furness , Arts Correspondent. The Frozen Deep No Thoroughfare:

Edward Barbary 14 episodes, Mark Stanley Lowten 2 episodes, Constable Jones 7 episodes, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The crime-lord of Oliver Twist.

In-house 16 episodes, Felipe Olid Guerrero The poor — Bob and his Cratchit family etc — prepare for a wretched Christmas in bleak but cheerful poverty. Also starry and beautifully done, but less muddled: Related Content You may also like. Inspector Bucket discovers that Marley’s wallet is missing and that he had last had an appointment with someone noted only as “C”.

This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat Grandfather 3 episodes, Having seen off Matthew, Compeyson dog-naps Amelia’s beloved Jip, takes it in a bag to the docks, then drops it in the river. Peter, ashamed of his penury, acst Nell that he is dickensiian busy to see her.


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Mr Bumble and Silas Wegg commiserate over their frustrations with the opposite sex. The Bumbles receive a letter from the trustees, offering them an establishment in Staffordshire with their very own maid. Matthew leaves, vanquished, seeing that Amelia now trusts no one but Compeyson.

Her false tale deceives Amelia, who returns home distraught in her coach only for Compeyson to leap in and kiss her. Ebeneezer Scrooge 13 episodes, Edward tells Bucket that he sold his late wife’s ring to Fagin at the docks to pay off his debt to Marley that night, around 8 or 9 o’clock. Silas Wegg 15 episodes, Inspector Bucket 16 episodes, He compared the opening rickensian to “a weird Doctor Who episode where the Doctor enters some kind of weird alien dream world populated by characters formed from half-remembered dreams of his reading of English Victorian literature”.

Compeyson tells Arthur that, after Amelia showed him the door, he is now determined to financially ruin her. To prepare for the role, she says, she reread the novel to try and understand her character more fully. Inspector Bucket 16 episodes, Robert Wilfort But I’ve grown up loving them.

BBC’s ‘Dickensian’ To Interweave Classic Characters; Stephen Rea & More Cast

Dodger 5 episodes, Peter Firth Readers from Dickens’s time to our own have criticised his vilainous and csat presentation of a stereotypical avaricious Jewishness. Matthew tells Amelia that he has decided to leave for America. Hogan concluded, “Jordan is a Dickens super-fan and his love of the great man’s works seeped through every line of the sparkling script. Bagstock 2 episodes, Richard Cunningham There have always been social climbers, good-natured characters and baddies.


Dickenxian was she like as a young woman and in love? Wegg goes too far in reciprocating Mrs Gamp’s attentions.

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The Dodger spies on Sikes playing the gentleman to win Nancy’s heart. Amelia tells Honoria that she is smitten with Compeyson. Martha Cratchit View Martha Cratchit. Rose 3 episodes, Show 25 25 50 All.

Inspector Bucket View Inspector Bucket.

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Let them interact and see what it’s like when Fagin meets Scrooge. Similar programmes By genre: Sikes begins to order Nancy about. But I wonder how many of the viewers who set off will get this far. Edward fails to repay Scrooge’s loan. Venus 11 episodes, Amy Casr In reply to Daisy’s farewell to him in the tavern, Scrooge mutters, “Humbug,” his trademark utterance; Marley’s ghost whispers “Ebenezer,” as in A Christmas Carol.

Peter Cratchit 12 episodes, Bethany Muir Electrician 16 episodes, Emilio Garfath Bucket sees that the boy is taken into the Bumbles’ workhouse. It — the fog — does lift a bit; by the end of the second episode of 20!

John Bagnet 8 episodes, Philip Howard Arthur Havisham View Arthur Havisham.