I’m glad that you are striving for perfection. Nikon has some cool features in its WU-1A wifi dongle for the D There are good things and bad things about that. The rendition of motion just looks a lot more like film. I kid, they are both great cameras, but I cannot deal with rolling shutter and the way cmos sensors render motion. It all adds up.

That’s exactly the problem. What I do like is this seems like a very personal camera, almost the direction I want to go for my future independent work. Already have an account? The D16 footage looks like I hoped it would. If you don’t mind rolling shutter. There are good things and bad things about that. Company Media Kit Contact Scoop.

Posted April 13, The Blackmagic cameras really drive me crazy with the Digiital Pollution as well as lack of 60fps. Hey guys, watch out But my biggest concern with this camera right now is dynamic range.

Digital Bolex vs BMCC: The Battle of Image Quality

It’s too early to say, with the little Kickstarter-fuelled camera not yet in production, but our feeling is that there is enough well, a lot, actually to differentiate the two cameras. I suppose these commenters find the most attention attacking the hot topic since spending time throwing their childish filth at lesser topics garners them less attention. Really, it looked like there were some massive problems with the D16’s highlights in the later shots — almost like they were burnt out and recovered too much.

Yes lighting, cinematography and script matter more, but some of us still strive for perfection in other areas too. I’m hopefully going to have some RAW footage or single DNGs up to download and play around with, but for now at least you can grab the file straight from Vimeo and mess around with it. Rich hipsters and fans of retro will love it I am sure – but for more serious filming, I am not sure it has a USP.


There’s still something incredibly romantic about having a cinema camera the size of one’s iPhone. The Ikonoskop has a lovely image and similar sensor, global shutter, yet Digital Bolex have undercut that with half the price.

That Bolex sure makes a pretty picture.

All times are GMT I few a very few having issue with my comments. Looking at how much tv and movies are done with cameras that have rolling shutter I can see lots of people don’t mind rolling shutter. This means that choosing an ISO will have an effect on your final output, but with something like the Pocket, you can set it to whatever you’d like and change it in post.

I’m glad you went CCD, the footage here looks great. I do see a dash to higher and higher K’s. I suppose a lot hangs on timing as well as those in the future statements. You can get one very cheap!

Sharing your scoops to your social media accounts is a must to distribute your curated content. Thanks Ellen, good to know. The global shutter on the Digital Bolex is a huge selling point b,ackmagic me. Research and publish the best content. You should know that CCD’s can have rolling shutters or global shutter’s too.

Higher resolution certainly does appear to be high on d61 list, if not highest, not low at all. Our lighting setup was daylight LEDs in the front, and a Tungsten head coming in from the back, so this test was a mixed color temperature scenario: At some point I will have some color graded stuff handy, but I know people always ciema to be asking to look at log footage with new cameras, so it made sense to me to provide some.

There is a dimensionality with the D16 that the Pocket doesn’t have, imho. If the values are not clipped in the raw data, then they are recoverable and gradable. Brilliant saturated refined color palette. The time now is If you can afford it, I think it’s worth blacknagic investment to differentiate your footage from the digital mass.


Digital Bolex D16 vs. Blackmagic Cinema Camera

It makes them look old or ugly. If the camera seems like a better alternative for you, what are you cigital for? Pig to work with though. As of right now the Digital Bolex digitall is still working on getting to look a bit cleaner, but it was fairly noisy when I played around with it.

Yeah if I can remember I will try it. I know exactly what you’re talking about. I pre-ordered the Pocket Camera as fast as I could.

Digital Bolex D16 Review Part 2: First Footage & D16 vs. Blackmagic Pocket vs. SI-2K Mini Test

The image also looks different, I’m not saying better or worst but really has me interested as it reminds me of the beautiful Ikonoskop camera very organic film grain noise image. One of first rules I teach to corporate big shoots and politicians is “Stay in your box”. There are good things and bad things about that. Register a new account. Footage looks nice, Colours are nice and sharp, reminds me of an old film stock. Posted April 10, I wouldn’t judge our by what’s in this video yet, it’s not at the release stage, just a mistake that it was vd on the menu from testing on that one particular camera.

Haha you can believe whatever you want but we picked the other two cameras for the test because they both shoot RAW and are close to native for Super 16mm lenses. For sure, but I think a lot of people who donated weren’t thinking this through.