And yes, yay for an epic cast,: Will she be playing an antagonistic role then? Dream High 2 Volunteer Team. Due to this sense of insecurity, he is often seen to be driving himself to work extremely hard by putting in many hours of practice. Kang Sora Main Cast. Jeong Jinwoon Main Cast.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: And yes, yay for an epic cast,: Kang Sora is as cute as the popular child star Seo Hyun. I really want to know. Stay tuned for more updates about this exciting development! To project a perfect image in front of others, his greatest charm is having a cool sense of security. Log in with Email. Of course, her request is that JB and Rian sing her composition, not her.

She then tells Hye Sung to leave and never show herself around JB anymore. I’m hoping drea grown up would star as one of the main character. Rian then ends her statement by apologizing for all the recent scandals and that she wants to see JB back on stage quickly, who is also watching the newscast.

Doodles: Dream High 2 full episodes.

Without naming anyone, she gives a passionate speech about how a friend helped her when she was feeling down and how that friend almost lost his dream because of her.

Dream High 2 Episode 9. Posted December 26, Hye Drewm spots it a picks it up, tears streaming down her face out of concern for JB as well as the realization of what she just did. JB is taken to the hospital where he drops his spoon as they wheel him into the emergency room. Let Kim Soo Hyun make a cameo! Star News, Sure Magazine Source: She possess lots of talent but her disrespectful attitude make her into an idol with a bad reputation. In the photo, Sora is dreak a happy smile, cuddling Seo Hyun in a white hat with her eyes closed.


Seul glares at him and punches him several times in drmaacrazy arm.

This season follows a new group of students after the previous group graduated. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Episode 15

People who saw the photos responded: Then we come back to the present time higb Si Woo bringing JB a care package of mecha figurines and manga. So Suzy’s character’s sister in the drama would be on Dream High 2?

Stay tuned to Soompi for more updates! Like any other rookie, she firmly believes that since she’s already been admitted into the arts academy school, as long as she’s willing to work hard, she will become a professional singer someday. Most of the time, this is hardly his fault as they are just very different episoee terms of their attitude and their style of doing things.

Gonna go watch season 1 again while waiting! Here we recap and discuss episode 14 of Dream High 2. Filming for the cameo scenes in between their schedules, increasing anticipation as to how they will uigh their respective entrances into the drama. He is part of the male K-pop idol group, I: Dream High 2 Episode 1.

If getting hold of women’s contact numbers is considered a hobby, then that would definitely be Si-Woo’s hobby. Posted December 23, She tells him not to comfort him since it makes him weak to him, causing him to smile. Shin Hye Sung – as the name implies, means “like a hidden star in the deep blue ocean.


Dream High 2, which will have its first broadcast on Jan 30th, plans to have special appearances by the main leads from Season 1, including Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Suzy, Eunjung, IU, etc. As an idol having the condition of neurasthenia, that’s another side of who JB is.

As the three walk out, we see that Si Woo now has an identical backpack to Nana. Posted December 30, Dramas with heart, funny moments, dance, songs and good dramacrzy people are really my favourite!! No acting involved here and this is just Jiyeon here not Rian.

He remains silent as well.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thus, whatever is being played out in the scenes may not be reflective of her true emotions and feelings and hence, her acting usually appears to be stiff and stoic. She’s very conscious of people’s opinion of her and hence she’s particularly conscious of everything she does.

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