Arfeen, meanwhile, is worried that Sara will eventually leave his house, the only solution he can come up with is to have Haider married to Sara. Falak Mahira Khan has had a luxurious life and has never been denied anything. Retrieved 9 November Kankar was a socially relevant drama that dealt with the problem of domestic violence. You can manage them any time from your browser settings. When Bano returns, she feels disheartened by the state of Pakistan as someone tries to rape her. Durr-e-Shehwar’s Samina Peerzada daughter, Shandana Nadia Jamil has been married for almost a decade but her marriage hits a rocky patch and she decides to live at her parents’ house for some time. The most touching scenes of the entire play had to be the one between Durr-e-Shahwar and her father.

It is almost as if he is punishing her for being a strong independent woman. Durr-e-Shahwar has been written by Umera Ahmed, it has been directed by one of the best directors in the industry; Haissam Hussein. When they meet again years later, Zaroon proposes marriage and Kashaf, who is an independent woman by now, is quite hesitant. Jul 19, at Both of them are impatient, uncompromising and immature. The way the viewers are transported from present to the past was beyond impressive. I’m not a fan of Dramas, started watching this since a friend had recommended and absolutely loved it.

Firstly because it had to one of the most inspiring.

Durr-e-Shehwar has also been broadcast in India by Zindagi under the title Dhoop Chhaonpremiering on 21 October The Pakistani TV industry, a relatively new one though, has been fast catching up both in terms of popularity and great content.

Unknown to Sadaf, her family doesn’t value her and just spends the money she earns. Romantic comedies are films with light-hearted, humorous plotlines, centered on romantic ideals such as true love is able to surmount most obstacles.

Romance film — Romance films make the romantic love story or the search for strong and pure love and romance the main plot focus. Use the HTML below. The conversations between Shahwar and her father are very poignant throughout the play.


Durr-e-Shahwar stayed with me for a very long time and is one of those very few plays which I watched again without forwarding a single scene. The most touching scenes of the entire play had to be the one between Durr-e-Shahwar and her father. Fazeelat old Laila Zuberi Mikaal Zulfikar Once a loving couple who had beautiful dreams about their future, it now has to redefine their relationship.

About fatimapdp Well, there are 2 reason we started this blog. The story focuses on gender biasness and the difference between the classes in terms of the affluence level. It is also the most linguistically, ethnically, and religiously diverse city in Pakistan, Karachi is considered to be one of the worlds fastest growing cities, and has communities representing almost every ethnic group in Pakistan.

With limited number of episodes of each show.

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Being a housewife did not ensure happiness for Durr-e-Shehwar. You can manage syahwar any time from your browser settings. Both of them are impatient, uncompromising and immature. The family wanted Umar to marry another girl, Shifa, and thus her episove in this household becomes quite difficult. The story focuses on the family of Gulistan Khan, a cruel man who rules his family with an iron will and wields considerable influence in the area where he lives.

The play is fast paced, beautifully written and directed.

Circumstances lead the older son of the family to marry by his own choice, while the younger son marries as per his parents’ wish.

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Pakistan listen or listen ; Urdu: The show beautifully captures the tragedy of those who suffered massive losses during the partition. Add the shshwar question.

Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan Urdu: It ended its run in India on 6 November Kiran tries to change Sikandar but to no avail. Pakistan is a signatory to the Kyoto Protocol, the Paris Agreement, the name Pakistan literally means land of the pure in Urdu and Persian.


Durr e Shahwar 8 دُرّ شہوار Full Episode

They were not abusers like Sikandar in Kankarthey did not marry the first woman they got close to after their wife walked out of the door Adeel in DeM and Shaam in Shukk and they most certainly did not cheat on their wives Salman in SeZ and Hammad in Mirat-ul-Uroos. Even at the time it was on air, it was never promoted as much as Hamsafar was. Drama in this sense refers to a play that is neither a dur nor a tragedy—for pwrt and it is partt narrower sense that the film and television industries, along with film studies, adopted to describe drama as a genre within their respective media.

Her mother even refuses the proposals that come for Sadaf as there will be no one to earn once she leaves. But when Arfeen states that if he cannot marry Saba then he not marry at all.

Dastaan TV Series The story revolves around Khirad Mahira and Ashar Fawad who are compelled to marry each other to fulfill the wishes of their parents. Thank you for Subscribing to ScoopWhoop Notification. The background score is played generously especially when the viewers are shown past events.

The night of his wedding to Ujala Aamina Sheikhshe is raped by a gangster who is out to get revenge from Faisal. She married Usmaan Peerzada, a media personality, in To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: