Other classes dont suffer nearly as much from this problem as hunters. We know that pet movement and pathfinding are one of the most important parts in development process. Below you can read what was changed: We have just launched our store at https: November 14, , 7: We are after several important conversations and several in-depth By the way, today a few interesting changes have been introduced, and all from tod Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.

December 12, , 4: We are after several important conversations and several in-depth Old accounts have also been restored. New fixes and changes! I’ll keep this updated as long as I can. Want to add to the discussion? Dual Specialization We’ve launched a big update today! Vote Panel and Archangel update Hey Everyone!

Thanks to it, you have access to such things as faction, rename, race change, pets and mounts.

November 12,7: Submit a new text post. We keep improving our realm.

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Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. November 6,3: November 19,7: Light’s Hope thanks all of its Donorswithout you guys this project wouldn’t be possible.


LF good Hunters pvp videos. Vanity Shop Hey everyone!


Feenix news and updates It’s time to give you more information about the upcoming Alpenglow realm. There is nothing to wait, just start posting!

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Old accounts have also been restored. November 21,7: Hall of Fame is a way to distinguish the best and most determined players on our server.

Ready for an adventure? World of Warcraft legacy Classic server called Feenix is here now to make your dreams come true!

November 15,9: There’s not much time left to launch, and our team works without breaks to make sure that everything will go as smooth as possible. Nearly infinite skill cap for those interested in good micro. If you do not remember the password to your account, you can reset it by going to password recovery page. We invite you to join our community today!

Thunterfury 2.0 Melee Hunter PVP movie

Feenix attunement system Hey everyone, We want to talk fenix our custom attunement system. Among other changes and fixes we’ve implemented dual specialization! December 14, That is why we are ready for closed beta which will allow us to find bugs and fi November 8,3: New fixes and changes!


Other classes dont suffer nearly as much from this problem as hunters. Anniversary x24 exp event We are pleased to inform you that this Sunday will mark one month from Aplenglow’s launch.

Mohawk Rogue Pvp Feenix Part 1

You can now get it on our website for vote and donation points. You don’t really need a tutorial video unless you are new to WoW. You will find the latest information about the project and events there as well as the player panel.