As a Pashtun, I can’t tell you how awesome and hilarious it is to see a Western take on our horror cinema. I loathe Shakti Kapoor, but he had nothing on this one. They got married in the evening. You and Gemma — away from Bollywood and Lollywood. It was quite a hit in Pakistan. I am sure there are other movies also made along these lines in that region, this one probably really hit gold. But alongside all of this we also get a parallel narrative — a “lost and found” story of sorts — about a brother and sister, separated by tragedy, who each pursue their own path to vengeance.

As I told Todd, I do feel a little richer—dirtier and sadder too—but richer experientially, for having seen it. For starters, there is our titular heroine, announced at the film’s beginning by a theme song, “Main Hoon Haseena Atom Bomb”, whose picturization sees starlet Mussarat Shaheen’s every utterance of her name punctuated by a thrust of her generous posterior and stock footage of a volcano erupting. The choreographer and indeed the dress designer have to be congratulated for putting together a sequence that is a veritable show stopper, and that too, in the opening moments of the movie. At this point these movies appear to be stupid to us but the truth is, they were really appreciated back then. That sounds so… vile. OMG what an utterly hilarious review. But then, to each his own, I always say.

Parallels to pet dogs who love to hump the legs of any friendly visitor as a way of greeting along with the crotch cam, continues!

Haseena Atom Bomb is one of the few great movies to have emanated from the subcontinent in many a decade and deserves to be admired by a much wider audience. Fighting Femmes, Fiends, and Fanatics. From the looks of it, they’re even less visually “movie star” than the women. Those Pakistan films which I have seen, both were current moviesremind me more of the Hindi films of the 90s……and then there is the wonderful Zinda Lash vampire film from the 60s which released on dvd a while back with subtitles.


Atomic Caravan: Haseena Atom Bomb ()

Kills him, then bursts into tears. Notify me of new comments via email.

It is clear that there are yucky movies like this which are being made in places where there is market for such movies. After they thrash about for some time in a pool, Reshma pulls out a pair of giant shears and yells at us as she points them at him. The women acting in it are I presume of the profession, and the film being a hit is I think the very low budget it must have had.

Please check it out, it OMG what an utterly hilarious review.

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Too pointless to die! This interlude is pretty much the only bright spot; I even like the song!

It sounds much worse than the worst movies that I have ever watched. September 21, at 3: Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email. The cameraman has a slight propensity for zeroing in on various parts of the female anatomy. Feed my new obsession! You are commenting using your WordPress.


Haseena Atom Bomb (1990)

Posted by Todd at For many years now I have been interested in the story of Mata Hari — and even beyond that I profess total ignorance about Bangladeshi cinema but for some stuff from the other side of the divide West Bengaltry the parallel cinema from directors like Mrinal Sen, Ritwik Ghatak, Bimal Roy, Tapan Sinha for some pretty potent stuff dating all the way from the s.

DG September 24, at But then, to each his own, I always say.

She stops for a little bath under a bpmb again, inexplicably, although she is outdoors in broad daylight, she takes off all her clothes. It was like mocking Pakistani Cinema. Life is far too short to waste on watching such movies.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. In contrast, Pashto language movies like Haseena Atom Bomb are not even explicit by Western standards. Since these ladies of Heera Mandi ARE mostly the descendents atleast in spirit bokb not also in reality of courtesans in the Mughal court, I am honestly disappointed in them for cheapening the high-value, high paying girlfriend experience.