Nope, not that either. Young-rae reads his mind and asks what kind of person Mina was, and gets awkward silence in return. Kwanghyun helps Jinyung be freed from slavery Even the queen mother is getting in on the action. Meanwhile, Sungha is getting ready to leave court and plans to leave the capital for a while to study more. However, Ha-eung finds a loophole in the rule. Kwanghyun is in the middle of the operation but he is dragged away from the king.

Meanwhile, “Crazy Love” is about a woman who meets the love of her lif We can see there are always two sagwon busy writing away during the meetings between the king and the government officials below. This is seriously disturbing Please help me do that. We are in agreement that PMY needs to take a break from acting and take more lessons. Ooh, I like this development.

Shehrazade Sheikh Starting Month: The doctors believe there is nothing they can do to save him now. Jin, Time-Traveler’ – and then where would we be without this drama? Suddenly she finds the offending part of intestine and Kwanghyun is released. So royal guards hurry over to the operating room. Kwanghyun wants to do the operation. Thanks Heads for dramacraazy fun recap: Nope, not that either.

I do wonder that there are soooo many absolutely necessary surgeries in this show, and most saeguks don’t even have one. Doctor Yoo finds Dae-gyun outside and scolds him over the failed assassination.

While on the run, Now others will be promoted instead of them! No matter how factual and serious we all want to be when discussing the technicalities of Horze. FlexibleSamurai June 27, at 2: Team Kwanghyun stay to try to save the king He begins the operation cutting open the abdomen area — blood spurts everywhere.


Horse Doctor Episode 48

But Kwanghun wants to keep his name as it is — since his surname was given to him by his adoptive father and his first name was given to him by his biological father. However, Ha-eung finds a loophole in the rule. Did a time-traveling doctor swoop in and save you with his bamboo stethoscope? Hyuk blanches, all, You want me to go in there… by myself? The whole pepple falling ill around Jin is a bit ridiculous. I am dlctor fan of characters who may realize this truth and try to fight the inevitable, because trying counts for something and at least allows a character to assume a measure of control over their own lives.

Actress Han Hye-jin who Young-rae sinks to her knees, tears of remorse falling down her face: I hose slowly loosing interest in this one Jinyung and Kwanghyun think back to their childhoods and their father. Young-hwi tries his best to be the man of the house, but just ends up being passive as Mom orders Young-rae out.

Metal tables, plastic chairs, and crazy… It was dead hectic just to see Jin keep ‘saving’ people.

Dr. Jin: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

She wonders at the marvels of modern medicine — everyone must be healthy in the future, right? Apparently so, since Hyuk demonstrates it to Young-rae, so she gets to literally listen to his heart. I haven’t seen an episode of Dr Jin but your recap is always a joy to read!! However, her ailing health is something that Doctor Yoo has been unable to alleviate, so she asks Ha-eung to bring the great Doctor Jin with him next time.


FYI, the first official stethoscope used in Western medicine was a wooden tube, and was based on other tube-like instruments used for similar purposes. LOL, thanks for the recap! While Jinyung stoically prepares to return to a life of slavery, Kwanghyun is with the king pleading for her freedom.

Was there a vacuum originally? They push past the head of the hospital and storm into the room. I totally agree about the lack of character development. Meanwhile, “Crazy Love” is about a woman who meets the love of her lif This is seriously disturbing Why are you bringing up the police bureau at the end of every sentence? SynopsisA father driven into desire, a son coveting that of his father’s, and the sorrowful maternity that hovers them into tragedy. Kyung-tak does as he told his father, docotr throws himself into his work.

Baek Jin-hee cast for “Gold, Appear!

He then takes out his frustration by becoming a blur who practices martial arts, while Mom grows hysterical as Young-rae breaks the broken engagement news to her. Many of the actors and actresses g Doctlr did have one of my favorite lines, though, when Jin was on the Beating Cross, trying to proclaim his innocence, and KT basically said, “tell it to the stick.