Well, I kinda got him. It was a perfect autumn Tuesday. I’m still afraid to pee. When the pickle’s children are watching. Snippin’ and scizzin’ for over 20 years, hey. Sorry, Gibbles, you were standing in Random hair. Young Student Gordon Greene Till next time, ta ta!

I’m with Sam on this one. There was a lack of a secondary plot line. I wanna get this on video. Sam and Freddie have been making fun of me ’cause I’ve never pranked anyone. How come that little girl’s so good at pranks? How’d he get this up here? Who are all these people?

Oh, lcarly I wish I had the same moves. At first, I was pranking, like, one or two people on the weekends. It’s just garlic powder. I just also feel that the humour was a bit lacking in this episode…. I don’t wanna talk about it. I’m on my way. Don’t go gettin’ all prank-happy.

At first I was so proud But then oh my God! You are commenting using your Twitter account. We took a pickle, filled it with fake blood. From the floor of Manny’s barbershop. The Catheters reference by Gibby. I made a cop think his feet got cut off.

And invite them over, you know, so they can make him remember the pain that his pranks can cause people. I hit rock bottom.


Pranking Gibby doesn’t parnky. And one day I had a fyll prank planned that day. You guys gotta do something about Spencer. Rudy Reggie De Leon Well if we could all keep open mind about the nunchucks then hey Just sayin’. Start your free trial. Well anyway, I just want you to help me pull a prank. Look, I made a spoon hat. What why are you guys here? Edit Storyline After some fans panky a video of a prank to the web-show, Carly, Sam and Freddie discuss pranks they’ve pulled in the past, and Carly begins to feel self-conscious about never having pulled any of her own.

What will that boy do next? I knew he’d say that.

See Dan — I can come up with weird words too! What are you telling Carly?

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Gibby Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Okay, that was hilarious. Y’all better do something about Spencer. Turn them back on.

Can you please just respect that? The camera flash just stunned him. Kevin, kill the lights. Did you feel the rush? Freddie Benson Jerry Trainor Hey, tull I keep this bucket of hair? The garlic powder in all those kids’ eyes. And I’ll tell you what, he wasn’t expecting that in his hat. Tell that to Lucas. Then I guess it’s mine. And how did Spencer get the bag up there anyway?


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How could you do that? How long did the doctor say you have to wear the cast? Okay, we just pulled an insane prank on my dad. I’m bringing home igeg trout. Now, just some more comments about this episode. It’s gonna teach Spencer that it’s not fun to get pranked. Will that make the little children happy? Dude, if I didn’t have a little crush on you, you’d be falling for my baseball-bat-to-your face bit.

She wrote, “hey, I got an awesome idea ufll iCarly.

He’s opening his locker.