Band Hokago Tea Time Song: Nightcore – No,Thank You! Now that was a nice OP. Ending 2 No, Thank You! Azusa is so cute! And I did check, no honorific. I love music anime like AKB But, well, I think there were several places in season 2 which were more powerful, really.

I’m having these feels when they have completed high school and leaving Azusa behind: Great job on actually getting Brittish VAs for this too. Plenty of grinning was happening. I like that Yui was going to translate the one song whose refrain depends on a Japanese pun. It seemed rather weak at the start, a little over-broad and over-light, a feeling that they were marking time until we got to London. While nothing really happened, the show pretty much entertained more than lots of Hollywood movies just by granting us stunning visuals and sounds not music – did I ever hear such a realistic background scenery in an animation? I teared up at the end with Azusa’s song

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: But I was surprised even so. D Also, it’s funny when they get back and say it’s what they played, and an appropriately-named cteditless says “Donaiyanen? Now I’m sad the ride is over.

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This anime didn’t had a plot, but the cuteness made it up for that. I may go back and watch everything dubbed, I preview the dub when I got the first season and thought it sounded pretty good and close to the feel of the original seiyuus. If this is the end of K-On, it’s an ending I’m happy with. It could only really be semi-disappointing according to the standards we expect from KyoAni. I have decided to phase out the intro and outro for my videos.

Nightcore – No,Thank You! Hi there, do I have to watch the Frist season before the movie? Mugi’s face was priceless! If I read the credits correctly they actually correlated with the BBC to get the actors. I didn’t want it to end, at that rate I could’ve watched for another hour, easily. I’m gonna miss those girls T.


Still leaves a lot to k-pn imagination, but was great closure as well. It has the happy, crazy, sad, drama and light-hearted feel that we all love about K-ON. I was pretty astonished when I finished the movie, like a special present for Azusa before the 4 graduates. Will be interesting to see how they adapted it.


Not much to say besides they played some music and did the same things they normally do. But as it progressed, it did that thing of slowly sucking you in, and when we got there?

K-ON Ending 1 Full] animelover 5 years ago. Anyways, I’m kinda disappointed that they didn’t end the movie at London but with that said the ending song creditlexs Azusa almost made me tear up.

I was truly crwditless by this. I can’t even count how many times I just started cracking up, and it surprisingly kept my interest from start to finish not to say I expected it to be boring, but the slower pace makes it something I tend to keep in small dosages. Maybe it’d be like, ep.

The last song was a good choice to end the series, in my opinion. Relativity theory is so romantic. It was slow paced, filled with humour and ‘Tenshi ni Fureta yo!

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P Tired Azusa is so cute. It seemed rather weak at the start, a little over-broad and over-light, a feeling that they were marking time until we got to London. And now I want that ED creditless I loughed and got emotional at the end.


Xxshugochara1xX 8 years ago. Maybe K-oj been on the internet too long, but it seems like Yui saying “Mugi’s softness saved me” while her face is still planted in Tsumugi’s lap is just unneeded shipper fuel, however unintended it might be. The funniest part had to be when they were on the “People Mover”, and they were taking pictures of Mugi-chan and acting like reporters!

Definitely watch the first season, so that you know each of the characters. I love music anime like AKB I was hoping for new heights to be hit there, but we got well-traversed ones. I teared up at the end with Azusa’s song I felt somewhat nostalgic since I still remember them playing it for their debut in Season 1. I loved this song so much I just had to upload it somewhere.

I really feel like an important idea to take away from K-On is to just enjoy life, seeing the 5 of them having silly, carefree fun and using their imaginations to make seemingly uneventful things hilarious and enjoyable has always been the main reason I’ve enjoyed both the series and this movie. The beginning with the metal song was funny as hell, and surprisingly good: The English scenes were absolutely hilarious, I was laughing all the way through the sushi bar scene.