Ayaka has regained consciousness, but she suffers amnesia and doesn’t remember her friendship with Narumi. Hiro also shows his true feelings towards Min, and unveils that Honrei actually pretended to marry Min and is using the announcement and his influence to force her. Episode 08 [ p ][ p ][ p ]. Alfheim Online The setting for the second arc of the story. Se connecter – Register. Later at school, Narumi encounters Ayaka Shinozaki and she coerces him into joining her newly-formed garden club.

However, Alice has proven herself a resourceful hacker and an astounding detective. Her father disappeared telling her, Meo, to run away taking that bag and hide. However, when the two had been up against the Gotuda Group, the Fourth used Hisan as a shield, which supposedly led to her death. He made him fat, ugly, cowardly, and unliked by almost every other character. The only witness was Tetsu, but he refuses to cooperate. It’s harassing another user. Three drama CDs were produced by Lantis.

Retrieved February 12, Episode 02 [ p ][ p ][ p ]. Available in other languages. It is a virtual game world with its main focus on guns, although melee weapons like lightsabers and knives also exist. Retrieved July 23, Even so, it seems that even Kirito was mislead as to the actual rate of the kamixama of time so an accurate ratio of the flow of time is, as of yet unknown, or whether the rate changes during the Alicization Arc.

Sword Art Online [spoilers]

Chis is how 1st season should have ended: I’m an aficionado of Western animation, so I want to point out that a lot of the problems with anime are problems of the industry, not of the medium anime is the industry, animation is the medium — I don’t consider anime to be a medium.

Salvia Kawagoe, January ME6: There he recognises the group of rescuers he saw earlier: Narumi knocks Toshio unconscious after seeing him on the floor, begging for more drugs to take.

I needed to say it somewhere. Hakamizaka takes the phone from Toshi and tells Narumi that he challenges Alice to find out where he is. Sword Art Online 4: Retrieved from ” https: Thus, even lower level players have a chance to win against higher level players. Or we could look at Western animation. Pornography, adult, or mature content.


Manga series manga anime television series Japanese novels Japanese television series debuts Anime and manga based on light novels Anime kamieama Dengeki Bunko Dengeki Comics Dengeki Daioh Kadokawa Dwango franchises Detective anime and manga J. The team needs to find out what happened with the missing hundred million yen and where Kusakabe could be hiding. He also bluffs by saying that the money would be transferred to Mikawa with Kusakabe’s authorization.

It consists of a giant floating cchia called Aincrad, with floors in it, each of which contains a slightly different medieval setting and dungeon with a boss.

The game center where the team loves to play is being menaced by yakuza. Se connecter – Register advertisements. In reality it was a wrong number, supposedly addressed to the landlady of the building, and the kidnapped was her daughter. The Fourth interrogates a drug addict, who was carrying Ayaka’s cell phone in his club, about Hakamizaka, but to no avail.

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This motivates Narumi to make a formal request to Alice: She shows him surveillance footage of a high school girl named Miku Kimura which he recognises as the scene when he first saw the NEETs. Given it is a show about MMOs, I expected it to be a sausage fest, but apparently a large majority of MMO players in Japan X are not only women girls, but also stacked.

Poupee Goo Offline Hcia Please be advised that these stories might or might not be canon and might also have details that are slightly different than the volumes above.

At night Alice takes Narumi to the school’s rooftop and tells him that Ayaka jumped off the rooftop to prevent the school festival memochpu occurring. The setting for the second arc of the story. Contains hate speech or attacks an individual.


Damn it was the same voice over actor Sword Art Online 2: As Narumi prepares to go to the warehouse, Renji warns him not to head that way, as it is seen that a fire has occurred there. ALO implements a skill based system as opposed to a level based system, in other words all experience is used to increase the skill level with only small health increases.

After Narumi meets with Mika, the lead singer, for more ideas pertaining to the website, he goes to the zoo to buy a stuffed capybara toy as a favor for Alice.

Narumi, who recently transferred to a new high school and spends most of his time alone is approached by one of his classmates, Memochpu, who forces him to join the gardening club where she is the sole member. Toshi Shinozaki, Ayaka’s brother, memcohou at the arcade room, but he seems to be very ill.

Aincrad Sword Art Online 2: This volume contains four short stories without a specific chronological order. Narumi and Tetsuo later talk with Nemo, who says that Kusakabe, assigned as a launderer, ran away with three hundred million yen.

Versus Roppongi, April Accel World crossover.

Sword Art Online [spoilers] –

Nemo happens to be a former player of an elite baseball team, so his reputation is on the line. Cover of Heaven’s Memo Pad volume 1. During summer vacations Yondaime is organizing an event and Narumi helps with the promotion of the band. I had to force myself through the first part which I started a couple months ago. After obtaining a sample of Angel Fix, Narumi figures out that all the drug victim can literally see “shining wings” as a hallucination.

The money given by the head of the Gotuda Group was used to open a fabric store, which reveals that Yoshiki is actually Hisan. Sword Art Online By Eijii