Those are his men. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. Feride, who thinks that Mahir is an officious man, tells him to run to another judge. And you’ll show her your love let her know that she is important and you don’t want to upset her and you want to support. The result of the research reveals that the fingerprint doesn’t belong to Nazif. She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market. Mahir is exposed, Necdet shares this news with Turgut who in return directly tells Feride’s parents about the real identity of Salih Ipek.

He states that his family is in danger when staying too close to the Kara family. Turgut finds Mahir and Feride’s hiding place. But in reality, you get to know your love as you live. She asks Mahir for an explanation, however the answers only cause the friction between them to grow. You see a different side to a person, you can’t even imagine. When she learns that Mahir will be spending the night on the island she is devastated. I can’t imagine the one she fell in love with is just a simple shoemaker. On the top of all this, sergeant Yasin takes in custody Mahir and spends the night in prison.

Mahir is there to visit his father. He states that his family is in danger when staying too close to the Kara family. While Mahir is searching for ways of getting his father confession reversed, Turgut is investigated who this young attorney is that keeps getting in his way. He’s determined to take back the money even if he puts his life in danger.

Will you put the product in your lap? I know no one else will be able to help me tonight rather than you. If me staying here needs to be kept a secret you should have told me from the beginning. He has special plans for Nazif. Turgut, who follow constantly, decides that he has had enough, and makes an astonishingly shocking decision. The letters don’t say anything about her relation with mister Suleyman. If you’re waiting for an answer, then yes, I want to build my family with you. You get to know them inside and out.


That could be why nobody knows you, I said kararayi myself. Would this whole mission get ruined, just by telling me your real name? Xubs cannot explain his absence from Feride’s father’s birthday dinner. It’s a very special night. When Mahir goes to see his mother as Salih Ipek, she recognizes him. He is the son of Nazif Kara, the man who killed the Attorney General.

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You’ll bring your family and come over to ask her hand in marriage. At the same time Turgut wants to heal Feride’s wounds. Karxdayi happened is in the past abi. Things are getting more complex in prison after the murder. The man I owe my life to. Ibrahim shoots Mahir in front of Feride’s hotel.

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In order not to give up on the innocence of the case He’s playing the role of a lawyer in order to treek his father from death. If they catch me in this matter, they will get rid of me and I won’t be able to enter their circle once again. But we can’t show ourselves. And I choose to leave instead of following a road I don’t know where it will end.

Oh, you got bothered because I mentioned Ayten. In my whole life, I have never seen such beautiful suba like eyes. Share Post to Facebook Post to Twitter.

The shop was ours and now he is renting that is a big difference. Feride has no intention to give up the desire to meet Mahir. It’s obvious you want to hide me so I won’t disturb your private life. Anyhow, I’ll prepare the food now. Mahir knows that nothing is over. This case will be closed after Mahir Kara will give his testimony. Mahir leaves the ball before the evening episdoe over.


He’ll use his men. In reality if you looked, no one can really know the person that they love. That’s why you don’t want me to come? Mahir yreek Feride are surprised when they hear of the death of Sis Kazim, and they continue with their investigation.

Mahir and Feride feeling dizzy from their sweet kiss, they don’t know how behave to each other. Mahir expects his imprisonment for pretending to be Salih Ipek. I can’t stop the feelings between my mind and my heart.

For Gods sake say it Necdet, say it so I can go to sleep. Feride, who still cannot admit it to herself, she is falling episoxe Mahir. In a public family meeting they want to expose Salih as Mahir, however Mahir decides to tell Feride the truth beforehand. Mahir escapes from the hands of Berdan the snake. Tell greeo not to open her mouth at court, so she doesn’t hurt her son.

Son, these are for the neighbors. The accident of me entering the engagement, will end before it started. It’s not a perfect solution, but at least he won’t be without work. Mahir, goes over the truth regarding Emin with Feride. Feride, who thinks that Mahir is an officious man, tells him to run to another judge. Know what this is about?