He even threatens Mahir and demands to stay away from his daughter. At the same time Turgut wants to heal Feride’s wounds. Turgut’s research has brought up yet another witness to the trial. Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case. Mahir finds his nephew. Feride’s unexpected involvement makes things more complicated. Ibrahim shoots Mahir in front of Feride’s hotel. After following the files they discover a name.

Kader Altun’s testimony at court seems ambiguous. Feride realizes that Mahir has lied to her, and consults with Turgut. Mahir is pressed more and more with Feride’s request. She learns some things that surprising her. Melih wants to apologize to Kara family and ends up with a big surprise. Mahir and Feride’s fight for life and death, leads to Feride be wounded.

In the end they catch Cemil. Turgut finds Mahir and Feride’s hiding place. Feride decides to learn who’s Mahir Kara. Turgut instructs Necdet to murder Nazif Kara in the prison. All evidence that might prove his father’s innocence are destroyed and Mahir sees no other way than to testify at his uurdu1 trial with surprising outcome. Mahir is devastated when he hears that his father has signed a confession. Everyone is playing his trump card few hours before the trial. While doing so they realize that Cemil is following them and they set a trap for him.

Orhan falls more and more into the trap of Necdet and even helps him with his shady business. Mahir, epiaode over the truth regarding Emin with Feride.

He states that his family is in danger when staying too close to the Kara family. Mahir is pressed more and more with Feride’s request. And because they have missed the last boat back, they are forced to stay on the island.

Mahir is thinking that with the discovery of the fingerprint his father will be released, but is faced with another obstacle. Mahir learns of how Yasin got hold the first testimony of Serra and agrees to help him in his undercover mission while Mehmet Saim and Turgut push forward their ruthless plan to murder Salih Ipek with the help of Necdet when he surprisingly comes face to face with Mahir on this mission.


Feride decides to quit her job and the judge position if she is taken off the case.

Mehmet Saim is absolutely against a relationship between his daughter and Mahir whom he believes to be episde undercover agent. Mahir knows that nothing is over. Things are getting more complex in prison after the murder. Feride decides to find out by her own answers in the questions that Mahir left unanswered.

Mahir is looking for Serra’s first testimony. Mahir and Feride’s fight for life and death, leads to Feride be wounded. When Cemil reveals who has hired him to follow them, both Mahir and Feride received the shock of their lives. When Mahir and Safiye go to visit Kader in order to get hold of the file, they encounter a burning house.

A surprise witness leaves everybody in shock. She first visits the shop and then she goes to the market. He must find a way to introduce Epksode to Feride.

At the same time, when Feride decides to finally meet Nazif Kara’s family, Mahir opens the door. Ayten believe that she cheated on her because Mahir didn’t come home that night. Oops, your web urdu will urdk1 unsupported soon.

Know what this is about? Commissioner Yasin wants to help to this job. Mahir expects his imprisonment for pretending to be Salih Ipek. When Turgut sees them dancing, he feels extremely jealous. She goes to the neighborhood alone.

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However, neither Mahir nor Feride are no longer there. Kader who had abandoned her son 30 years ago, comes face to face with Mahir. Turgut is forced to change his plans again and comes up with an even more vicious plot.


Osman realizes that his brother Necdet is not only involved in the kidnapping of Nazif junior. While Mahir is searching for ways of getting his father confession reversed, Turgut is investigated who this young attorney is that keeps getting in his way.

Everybody shocked that Melih’s interview with Nazif has been changed and published.


Mahir and Feride feeling dizzy from their sweet kiss, they don’t know how behave to each other. After the trial Feride leaves the town to get away from Mahir.

Ayten’s world falls apart when she sees Mahir and Feride hand in hand. Feride is devastated and seconds before the wedding proposal from the man she knew as Salih, her world falls apart.

Karadayi Episode 34 By Urdu 1- 4th February

Yasin and Mahir are playing a game. Mahir is however not convinced and starts investigating the matter further. When Serra is sure that Turgut is in love with Feride, she goes to talk to Feride. Mahir cannot explain his absence from Feride’s father’s birthday dinner. Ayten,disappointed with Mahir, decides to confront Feride. On his father’s trial day, Mahir kidnaps Feride. When she learns that Mahir will be spending the karadqyi on the island she is devastated. While waiting for the arrival of Serra, Mahir who is attending the Independence Day Ball finds himself dancing with Feride.

His fears though are that his, Turgut and Cetin’s shady business might be exposed. Ayten cannot face life any longer and attempts to kill herself. She asks Mahir for an explanation, however the answers karzdayi cause the friction between them to grow.