The Great Persky asks Kugelmass what his pleasure is in terms of female heroines to have an affair with. But the machine is fixed at last, and Kugelmass rushes Emma to Persky’s and eventually back to the novel. Emma Bovary’s husband Charles is a doctor whom Kugelmass calls a “lacklustre little paramedic” who is “ready to go to sleep by ten” while Emma wants to go out dancing. Nearly all the writers who work on the show are Jewish. Art may not portray life as being perfect, but it has a certain integrity and meaning that are missing from real life—or at least people think it has these qualities. The tone of the language emphasizes the New York setting and Jewish characters. But it was also much more clever and self-consciously reflective even while being self-deprecating and zany.

Jews make up 12 percent of the population of New York City. I want love and beauty. Initially, Persky has difficulties getting the magic cabinet to work, but finally he is able to send her back to her novel, Kugelmass reverts to his old life but eventually returns to Persky again, this time asking for Portnoy’s Complaint. There he meets with his hilariously bizarre ending—thrust by mistake into a remedial Spanish textbook and running for his life as he is chased by a large and hairy irregular verb. There are approximately 5. In , he suffered a much-publicized breakup with his third wife, the actress Mia Farrow , after he admitted to an affair with Farrow’s adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn. Persky, an unsuccessful entertainer, is described as short, thin, and waxy-looking, and lives in a broken-down apartment house. Rather than thinking that something crazy is happening, the teachers think that their students are on pot or acid.

He learns too that a colleague who is jealous of him, Fivish Kopkind, has spotted Kugelmass in the endiing and has threatened to reveal his secret lugelmass Daphne. Kugelmass tells Persky to always get him into the book before pagewhen the character Rodolphe appears. Naturally, I am talking about Hollywood. Henry Award the following year and was published in his third and final prose collection, Side Effects Browse all BookRags Study Guides.


Introduction & Overview of The Kugelmass Episode

The short story contains cryptic joshing in both the protagonist’s name Kugelmass and in that of the magician—The Great Persky. There are approximately 6 million Jews living in the United Statesof which just under 1 million live in New York City.

Rather than thinking that something crazy is happening, the teachers think that their students are on kuvelmass or acid. Mandel that he needs to have an affair, but the doctor tells him his problems run much deeper and that what he needs is to express his feelings. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Allen undercuts serious romantic moments often by using colloquial expressions and incongruities.

His fantasy comes to life when he is thrust into the world of Flaubert’s novel and begins his affair with Emma Bovary, but Kugelmass soon finds that kutelmass with one’s fantasy poses many hazards. By the end of the century they had established synagogues, and by Jews were entitled to full citizenship.

Saturday Night Live continues its successful run. Between andthe Jewish population in New York City swelled from 60, to more V o l u m e 2 1 K u g e l m a s s E p i s o d e than 1. But it also raises questions about its own pronouncements: Literary study is also satirized in the story as students and professors all over the country begin to wonder about what is happening as a “bald Jew” enters Flaubert’s novel.

Art for Cecelia offers an escape because it depicts a perfect world, one where there is no joblessness, no despair, no cruelty, and where there is the possibility of romance, love, and hope. In “The Kugelmass Episode,” he broadens this theme: Kugelmass tells her about life back in New York, with its nightlife, fast cars, and movie and TV stars.

The Kugelmass Episode

Add this document to saved. In the story, Kugelmass is bored and seeks a release from his dull, humdrum existence.

Abramovitch, Ilana, and Sean Galvin, eds. Both these characters show the most shallow side of the entertainment industry, that focuses not on art but on money and fame. More importantly, reality begins to set in, and in the end both are forced to return to their old lives, the only places where, they realize, they can really belong. But it nevertheless delves into serious problems, forcing readers to think intelligently about the role of art in people’s lives as well as their responsibility toward it.


The Great Persky is the magician who transports Kugelmass into Emma Bovary’s world using a badly lacquered, cheap-looking Chinese cabinet. When Vaudeville theaters were epsiode by nightclubs in the s and 40s, comedy became less physical and began to focus on language and observations about the incongruities and anxieties of life.

The tone of the language emphasizes the New York setting and Jewish characters. The story draws on Jewish humor and culture as well as classical and modern literature, using lowbrow humor to spoof high art.

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Even to the end, Kugelmass believes that art can offer something more than a passing diversion to his life, that it can transform it in some way that will have permanent rewards. Rodolphe is Emma Bovary’s lover in the novel Madame Bovary. Soon Emma gets bored with life in a New York hotel as the novelty wears off. The movie studio then sends the actor Shepherd to convince his character to get back into the film, and Shepherd asks Cecelia to choose him over his screen persona, promising them a life together.

Episkde following year he made his directorial debut with What’s Up, Tiger Lily? She is much like she is in the Flaubert novel: Jewish families settled all over New York and the community set up hospitals, businesses, and cultural organizations. The professor is Kugelmass’s colleague, a professor of comparative literature at the City College of New York.