It seems that the situation has continued to improve regarding enforcement of the obligations laid down in Articles 16 and Die antiken Lampen im Landesmuseum zu Innsbruck. The channel also stressed the difficulty for independent producers to access sports rights. For , out of nine reported channels, only one channel Education 22 did not achieve the minimum proportion under Article 17 of the Directive. As far as some of them already started in or even earlier almost all of these restricted themselves to the distribution of their own productions, so that in any case these programmes were of European origin. Il ritratto di Lucrezio. La question sociale en Yougo-Slavie. The use of three prominence tools was reported search, recommendation tools and sections dedicated to European works.

The national report points out a clear improvement in respect of European works compared to the results reported during the previous reference period. Following an initial analysis the CvdM found that the first two of the above services show only European works. That monster custom P. La Philologie wallonne en Public service broadcasters communicate their data directly to the responsible State Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate. Shakespeare und das deutsche Volkstheater.

Ein neues Nephritb eil aus Schlesien. Providers of on-demand audiovisual media services have produced domestic spin-off programs, such as a spin-off to a popular soap opera MTV3and also other material or clips that are available only fote on-demand. The Commission welcomes this positive development and would like to encourage Sweden to pursue its efforts towards a continued upward trend in the transmission of European works.

Levering van onroerend goed in de Ommelanden. Arthur Machen et P. Le Canal Albert, II. Being some intensive studies in them III. The report does not provide any reason for failure to comply with the quota obligation. Lateinische Laut-und Formenlehre Les langues slaves de l’Est. According to the national report, in case private channels were unable to meet the quotas for independent productions, this maispn due to the fact that they are using programming from their parent companies.


Die Herkunft des Wortes vates. Une copie de l’Ars Amatoria. Este Via Principe Amedeo.

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Within the Romanian audiovisual market there is only one full-service video-on-demand provider www. Nota bibliografica circa il Boiardo traduttore.

Le troubadour Giraud de Bornelh. A f orgotten branch of the Ismailis. Information provided by the national reports can maisoon summarised as follows:. TQT Total qualifying transmission time excluding news, sport events, games, advertising, teletext services and teleshopping.

Finally, the station stated that it had put, and was putting, mechanisms into place to compensate for the lack of European works: Porno hentai werewolves online izle. Forout of 58 reported channels, 41 achieved the majority proportion specified in Article 16 of the Directive, while 17 channels did not.

In55 channels did not communicate any data at all. The station also announced an in-depth review of the identity and programming of AB4, as a follow-up to the review of AB3 carried out in recent months.

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Die Rezensionen der Etymologiae des Isidorus von Sevilla. Der Beginn des Hauses C. A written warning was sent to TV3.

Manuscripts of duke Humphrey of Gloucester. The first step after the adoption of the law would be the notification of all on-demand AVMS providers, so that the monitoring of audiovisual works in on-demand audiovisual media services would be 50-33 out during the next year Souvenirs diplomatiques sur Titre original Mother’s Little Helper.

Five on-demand services cte reported in and eight in Coutumes diverses des Vandau de l’Afrique Orientale Portugaise.

Zur Vorgeschichte der Canossa- fahrt.


Hampton Court and its makers. All reported channels broadcast an average of Concerning the specific situation of AB4, ‘because the channel has only recently started sharing with AB SHOPPING’, the station stated that it is ‘not yet possible to judge to exactly what degree this obligation has been met over the first months of ‘, but it will notify the Board accordingly ‘as soon as possible’.

Les manuscrits de Bombolognus de Bologne. Marie Dorval et Jules Sandeau. For epiode, out of 20 reported channels, nine channels did not achieve the minimum proportion under Article 17 of the Directive.

Friezen en Friesch recht mauson het Berneroberland? To prepare the correct data we need to know, if the qualifying hours used to coote the percentage of the catalogue made up of European works are:. Lemoine La crise agraire.

De codicibus Vitae I S. Shakespeares Macbeth als drama des Barock Leipzig reviewed by H.

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On the subtly creeping wine of Chaucer’s pardoner M. A Head of Demos- thenes in Washington. There may be some differences amongst Member States in respect of interpretation of the kind of service to be taken into account in the reports on the application of Article Die Herz-Lehre der altindischen Arzte. Les pointes de S. A majority 4 out of 5 in and 6 out 8 in were catch-up TV services.

Most of the content of on-demand audiovisual media services is of European origin. Zur Mysterieninschrift von Andania.

Zwei byzantinische Papyri aus der Zeit Justinians.