I’m left with the feeling that the version has more soul, more development of the characters, and overall more emotion. Bennet 5 episodes, Sabina Franklyn Continues in the next post Ladies in Lavender trailer axouille 10 years ago. I remember liking the lively dialogue and humour. I can’t really put my finger on it; she just wasn’t Kitty to me. But over-all a good take on her.

She didn’t seem as innocent as Austen’s Jane. So I definitely appreciate the candle-like lighting, which gives an authentic touch. I do think the time for another miniseries may be getting closer. I was really bothered by the anachronisms and bizarrely rude behavior by Lizzy and other characters who should know better. One night I was up late and the version came on TV and I thought it was a nice funny romantic film. Mi chiedo chi abbia scoperto che la poesia ha il potere di scacciare l’amore. Julia Sawalha deserves some kudos for her Lydia.

The opening theme song is one of my favourite songs to this day!!! Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios – W.

Thank you for your thoughtful comments and not feeling the need to truly trash on one over the other. When pretty girls t-e-a-s-e-d men fklm marriage I suppose this is faithful to the book, so you are welcome to it. InI felt Darcy played the same emotionless character until the end, and so did Elizabeth….


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Knightley hands down for the Elizabeth Bennet role! Fencing in his shirt. I love, love, love this version to the point where I may not want to watch again.

It has several wonderful lines that the other versions lack. The subtlety both of Elizabeth helping the sister and of Darcy’s thankful look is haunting. I just re-watched the version last night. Sir William Lucas 2 episodes, Elizabeth Stewart I like reading it in the book, but i so did want to mandriw it happen too!

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Bennet, Tom Holland as Mr. For the rest of the story, you have to watch it. The wardrobes fall a little short of the mark as well. Keira Knightly seemed forced to me. I will be prepared! Having watched all the versions and owning most of them I feel that the mini series is the clear winner.

Jennifer Ehle really showed the intelligence and wit that we love about Elizabeth; her understanding of human folly but also her own blindness because of her wounded pride.

Literally had me chuckling audibly! I had a lot of fun making Then, if a dashing young soldier in a handsome uniform should appear for Lydia, everything would be perfect, my dear. Anyone who has ever seen Colin Firth play Mr Darcy can never associate the character with anyone else, in my opinion.


I was comparing all the characters to the version. Taking leaf from the owner of this blog and several earlier comments: Gardiner 2 episodes, How the five girls react and respond to men is based on how they are treated by their father.

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Ehle is a bit too modern for me. Am I ever glad I did. I love both versions and watch them frequently.

Like Elizabeth Bennett, she is a genteel, educated Parson’s daughter from the agricultural South of England. Austen somehow manages to consume words, for what could be said in 50 without losing any meaning or nuance.

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I think they each have their strengths and weaknesses. I wished would have lasted more like two and one half hours instead of only two, to squeeze in those few more lines I loved.

However, my reasons for liking the best is not just because of the actors, chemistry, etc. As it is written in the book: