Soon after the first episode of Aku no Hana has been aired, it was immediately universally loathed and mocked in the entire anime community, because of the atrocious rotoscoping animation. November Robotics;Notes 7 Ger Sub. The very first thing I do on Mondays, after I arrive home after a tiring day of practising the piano is watching the newest episode of Non Non Biyori. I can fap to this. My personal favorite Soundtrack of this year. Total Eclipse 18 Ger Sub. I really appreciate every comment you made and giving me feedback back then. The sound quality is very good for the price.

And boy, it delivered. My main complaint about this series is the direction it went. A small band of warriors. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann 3. This is why we CAN have nice things. Kami no Puzzle 38 Ger Sub.

Why can Kirito defy logic? How can this awful series even have fans? But one of the most important factors, why I like this show so much is its simplicity: The anime who caused the biggest shitstorm ever was probably Aku no Hana with the questionable rotoscoped animation and, spisode let the pictures speak now.

I am not a tank expert, but you really have to admire the effort the makers have put into the show. Mortal Kombat Legacy – Ep. The atmosphere has also changed drastically into a darker, more dramatic tone and — finally — the five main Little Busters characters get tons of character development. Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu. This really, really, really rarely happens, and this shows that Little Busters is capable to deeply affect our hearts and is therefore on par with other key works like Clannad or Angel Beats!.


Alright, my anime summary for the year is almost over, but wait, I got more! For me, she is one of the most interesting characters of the year November Phi Brain: The never ending flaming between the fanbase and the hatebase was probably one of the most polarizing incidents in the anime community of this year. Tonight, I will summarize the Anime highlights of the yearboth the good stuff and the bad stuff.

Alright, nobody really expected THAT abomination.

Maoyuu maou yuusha 2nd season

Next Post Next six flying dragons eng sub ep Because the premise sounded awesome at least on the paper: Medaka Box Abnormal 3 Ger Sub. Watch Maoyu Episode 1 – — You will be mine, Hero.

Use the HTML below. My personal favorite Soundtrack of epjsode year. Every girl Kirito meets for the first time want to suck his dick because Kirito is SO badass. Add a bit social network elements, a color palette like having an acid trip, a crossplaying pervert who is actually a pretty nice guy and an eargasmic-fantastic soundtrack.

Fuck that stupid bunny costume scene. Or is it simply the incredibly atmospheric animation and the bombastic soundtrack by Hiroyuki Sawano?

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Infinite stratos s2 episode 12 sub indo

I dropped SAO in episode 14 and I heard, it even get worse from there. Still, one of my favorite female character of epusode year is Misaki Mei.

I really appreciate every comment you made and giving me feedback maouyu then. Is it possible to download mp3 files of your piano covers? Want to watch more videos for this song?


Seikon No Qwaser Episode 2 Part 2 |

I mean, why the hell not, incest is not uncommon in anime and at least they both are happy and. November Zetsuen no Tempest 6 Ger Sub. Yuuwha from Dubstep-heavy electronic beats to melodic warm stringsthis soundtrack has it all and shows once again, what Iwasaki Taku is capable of: This profile is not public. Ger Sub Rou Kyuu Bu! Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing mao here.

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Please select a valid image file. And the best of all: Also, the steinway grand I am using in my recent videos belong to the conservatory I am attending. Anyway, with this series, I have regained some faith in the shoujo genre again.

Can you give me some tipps, how to make piano covers like you? What microphones are you using for your videos? We have emailed you a change of email request.

And then episode 11 happened. Check out his blog suh, he is doing really awesome anime remix tracks! Instead, AKB turned out to be everything I love about anime: This site uses cookies.

I only do these anime piano covers in my free time and I never partook any composition lessons. Hyouka This is one of the most pleasant surprises this year. Always play videos fullscreen.