Is there a tax benefit in calling programmes “comedy”? Nothing revolutionary, but funny, and a good story. Fmrl , Mar 2, I found it 24 hrs ago and now- am waiting for the next episode with baited breath! Mar 2, at We Need a Name! Actually I am somewhat surprised there isn’t an American knockoff of this show.

Shame on you BBC commissioner, you are out of touch with your viewing public!! Jan 27, at I often search the archives in vain to find, what I class as, a good comedy and stop watching the majority of them after just a few episodes as they are terrible. Going hand in hand with another great British series My Mad Fat Diary , Pramface is a high quality TV show, which manages to tackle serious topics with a laugh out loud attitude. Pramface is like one of those sad hanger-on kids to the cool kids that is inbetweeners. Other than that, a problem as the first ten episodes I really preferred to avoid. My son is my pride and joy and I’m so glad I didn’t have the abortion, even though things didn’t work out with his father.

Mar 6, at 1: Agreed, the second episode was quite poor compared to the first one. By spoi,ers to use this website, you agree to their use. FmrlMar 2, I love their hilarious relationship. I like it but find it a bit weird seeing Yasmin Paige from Sarah Jane Adventures being more grown up although she is really 20 years old. Skip to content January 18, January 18, David Stringer.

BBC Three – Pramface, Series 2 – Episode guide

As with other seasons I experience esries as way above average. Watching it now – oh dear. I was expecting to hate this series given that it is not really aimed at me I am I am in my early 30’s and find myself relating to some of the instances in the show.


Bottom, game on, the fast show etc etc.

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And his date turns out to be a blond woman called Penny, who is the same age as Laura. Jan 14, Messages: Feb 25, at Then the big question is will she have the baby sseries not. The actors pra,face their lines and play it at just the right level and it is good to see that there are writers about that can bring somethingwhile not new, to the table that is above the level of the usual dross we are fed with.

Keith is selling the junk from the caravan on Ebay, along with trying to get rid of some dodgy lobster. The season 1 DVD set tells me that it is seris better than I remember it, a lot better than the average TV series, quality, though many appear to disagree on that.

My first impression was that there were things lacking in this. Mar 13, at seriee I started watching Pramface when it was on the BBC player top 20, and ever since, I have been hooked.

Feb 10, at I don’t know which series it is but seriee a repeat run starting on BBC1 tonight at Batman2Feb 25, This character has been developed and please may it continue in that way.

Instead of being Star Wars disease I found it to be even better than any of these, even better than Gossip Girl, series finale excepted. But thanks to a combination of post-exam euphoria, too many drinks and an available bedroom, they soon find they have one very serious complication on their hands – Laura is pregnant. It was actually one of the best TV show i have ever watched, however i was really disappointed when they cancelled the show after 3 series. Star Wars, Clone Wars, animated series season 1 volume 1.


Also, the dysfunctional family aspect is great.

Series 2 Launch trailer – BBC An intelligent sit-com at last, refreshingly new cast, with fast funny humour. But that is why it still manages to work, even after three series have elapsed. Tisdale has a real magnificence in these. We Need a Name!


Belated Review: Pramface Series One

My son is my pride and joy and I’m so glad I didn’t have the abortion, even though things didn’t work out with his father. No, create an account now. Super script for Angus. Mar 11, at 9: I write about science fiction, football, sitcoms, politics, writing and pop culture, amongst other things. To have a funny, modern, endearingly lifelike story told without resort to the ‘f’ word every other breath was a delight.

I started watching the show in series 3, however i am currently halfway through series 2 having watched series 1 and I just love it!