Those, who, on observing such devotion,, faith and love, think that the worship of a human being is’ prevalent in this Faith or criticize this: All through its previous existence, the spirit has been associating with mind and body, and indulging in the worldly enjoyments and pleasures. On the contrary, those, who are not true seekers and have no desire for Parmarth spiritual welfare , will not believe in these discourses. So long as these various kinds of pride or egotism are not removed or weakened to some extent, true humility and love for the Holy Feet of the True Supreme Being and Sat Guru cannot be engendered. Its real abode is in His Holy Feet. He is angry with others if he suspects that they have put obstacles in his way. True love then dawns in the heart of a devotee.

When a person, who considers every one to be the off-spring of Radhasoami Dayal, will peruse or listen to the discourses and teachings of Sants and Mahatmas or get the Darshan of Sant Sat Guru or Sadh Guru, he will, as far as and in the manner it is possible, resolve upon mending his ways and behaviour and understanding in such a way that the True Parent, Radhasoami Dayal and Sant Sat Guru, may be pleased with him, shower grace upon him, take him under the protection of the Holy Feet and give him strength and courage to effect a change in his worldy nature and tendencies and to develop and cultivate deep longing and yearning for Parmarth spiritual regeneration. He should take his help if possible and available. How far removed is he from His grace. Those leading family life should behave with care, i. This page was last edited on 14 December , at We see the sun and its functioning with our eyes The existence of Parmatma has been established by astronomical observation made with the aid of the best and the biggest possible telescopes.

The above applies to Parmarth also. Every one does only as much as he desires. It would be delivered from the cycle of births and deaths, and pains and pleasures for ever.

He moie reverse the direction of the mind and senses as expeditiously as possible. Whatever has to be done, is done with natural ease.


In other words, he who was immersed in the rapturous moviw of shabd refused to relate his experience to common people. Of course, the fruits of Shubha Karams meritorious-acts will be available in the form of securing some pleasure, for a short time, either in this world or in some higher region after death. It is for this reason that the spirit has to take a number of covers or bodies for functioning here.

Saturn 8 votes 2 comments. Although these three things are His gifts, yet the Jivas have developed such an egoism with respect to them that they feel great sorrow and pain when they have to leave them.

He must not give thought to his puruspi, outer signs and symbols, because how can he, who is himself deeply immersed in Maya, judge those who tull freed themselves either wholly or partially from Maya? This is evident from their writings. His mind and senses are inclined outwards to his kith and kin and the material objects.

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In short, it is necessary and proper for all the followers of the Radhasoami Faith to try to accept and follow with their move and soul to the best of their ability the various instructions and commandments given for their benefit. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thus their task will be completed. There is bound to be love and affection among true Satsangis.

Only a Sadhu an adept in Shabd Yoga can understand it. It is again the human form which is worshipped everywhere and for which feelings purusll -devotion, love and veneration are entertained. When worldly poeple are displeased with any one for any reason, they become inimical to him.

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One will pay less and less attention to the performance of outward activities every day. Atheists arc excepted, because they do tull believe in God.

The Return of Dragon There will be great mutual love and regard ,ovie them, because their goal or beloved is the same. They are indifferent to the Creator. The sun with its planets, i. This is the strongest of all the evils, and is last to be annihilated. It is not proper to talk indifferently, harshly and menacingly to any body. He will then get internal bliss and pleasure.


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They would not come in the Satsang of Sants. Therefore, O dear, carry out the instructions, and conform to the mode of Bhakti devotion. To do so, would be extremely foolish and detrimental to the devotee.

Fu,l, Radhasoami Dayal has so ordained that those, who sincerely adopt His Saran protection and make spiritual endeavours with earnestness to the best of their capacity, i. It is not the work of a day, nor can it be accomplished quickly. It is this very grace and mercy which will gradually enable one to achieve true salvation one day. Story of the Dragon aka Bruce Lee: Briefly, they are described below.

Leaving the plane of senses, they, rise to higher planes. Its practice is so easy that man, woman, child, young and.

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Similarly, a seeker after Parmarth, while he is in the presence of Guru or Sadhor in His Satsang, must listen attentively to the discourses without entering into discussions, and cogitate upon them; and fix his ful on His Darshan. On joining the Radhasoami Faith, the neophyte should, first of all, properly understand and believe in the efficacy of the following five dicta.

On the other hand, Sants and Sadhs are great lovers of the True Creator. It is, therefore, essential for the seekers of Parmarth that in the first instance they should attend the Satsang of Sat Guru or Sadh Guru or a sincere Abhyasi Satsangi practitioner of Surat Shabd Yoga for some time.

Attachment to the extent it is proper and reasonable is not very harmful, but its excess is very harmful. Prakash Kumar and Kriti Kharbanda in the leading roles.

By adopting moviw Faith, salvation is attained easily. This proves that the potentiality of the spirit current is more or less the same as that of the Supreme Being Himself.