Jade May 11, at 3: Since the photo gives Park-ha the link she needs, they burn it. It makes me sad because despite all the time-jump madness that is what feels the least realistic to me and it jolts me out of the viewing experience. But, I was a little nervous on the last scene. Volcano High Korean Movie. Nobunaga No Chef Japanese Drama.

Especially since Park-ha had just been locked in a burning building a couple episodes back, only to be rescued by Yi Gak. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Next page. K May 10, at 6: This show is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. She was pretty desperate trying to find her mom, and TM was her only link. Exactly, she doesn’t know the whole story, we the viewers do. I thought the writing for this episode was pretty lackluster and that there were even more “huh?

Runway Beat Japanese Movie. They did find out that she might be poison by sprinkling it on persimmon.

Why the heck did Park-ha not call anyone before she got into the car with Tae-mu? Will Yi Gak and Tae Yong switch places? Dub amazed at how talented he is. However, as the time-traveling is added, the way the drama portraits the story is quite fresh. Her mother, YG, someone! Ikemen Desu Ne Japanese Drama. Maeng Sang Hoon Supporting Cast. He was acting weird previously, so the red light should have gone off in her head that he’s gone psycho!

He drives on for a while, then pulls over saying that her door was making a strange noise. Lee Gak couldn’t sleep after seeing Se-na Jeong Kimvhidrama who looked just like the Princess he witnessed die. Rootop has been planned by the writers.

This drama is so awesome, wow.

Prnce a police officer in SK asked if you were knew those mean and dropped them off making you somehow esponsible for them, would you trust them? Yay I am just waiting for episode 2 subs now rooftoo I am going to watch them together.


Anyone got some ideas to share? I have a feeling that it has to be the real TY that end up liking her in the present at the end.

You probably know what that means. Mei-chan no Shitsuji Japanese Drama. She gets in car with the madman?

I wish she could join in on the detective work. Till next week, I guess I will rewatch the stair scene from time to time. Tae-mu barges in anyway, but finds nothing.

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Anybody that dated that thing for 2 yrs straight has to be evil incarnate too. I think the fact that the butterfly from the handkerchief that was made by Bu Yong! I loved him in SKKS and thought he did an awesome job. I guess we have to remember that she’s not supposed to be smart in this life. To me, “overwhelmed” is the word to describe a lot of Yoochuns running around which, by the way, is a good thing because he’s so cute esp.

Hajimari no Uta Japanese Special. A Werewolf Boy Korean Movie. It would’ve been the first thing I do. Thank you very much for the speedy recap Javabeans! It’s hilarious yet very mysterious.

But what would he do when he get back to joseon era n found out its actually the Crown Princess’s sister that poison her. On his way out, he spies Tae-mu entering the apartment to do some snooping and slips away quietly. As for the cute, the shopping trip was a bit redundant.

Rooftop Prince

Cat Street Japanese Drama. I think 16 episodes or 18 would be enough, 20 is too much, I don’t want to see PH almsot dying from this episode until episode 20 and T and S bitching around Kimhcidrama too stupid to live and it is used for sweet young things in romance and mystery novels who stupidly fall into the villain’s clutches because the lazy writer can’t think of any other way to have it happen.


I kimchidramq this kidnapping thing gets resolved quickly – there’s too many loose ends left dangling for Park-ha to waste too much time as a damsel in distress. I hope next episode they let mother and daughter reunite, oh how i wish that Sena and Taemu go up one against the other in front of everybody QIHM rocks in so many ways Show, why you ended this way. Since the photo gives Park-ha the link she needs, they burn it. It makes a lot of sense to push them back to Joseon a day early or before the murder happened there, so they can correct.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Come on dude, pick another hobby. Nail Shop Paris Korean Drama.

I know Park Ha is not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, and gets into prlnce because she believes the best of people, but this is really too much. Yi Gak thankfully leaves the premises just in time to avoid being spotted by Park-ha as well, who arrives moments later. Tae-mu likes the way this is unfolding, though he treads lightly just in case.

I want that on his official profile. Episodes by LollyPip. He tells her that the real Tae-yong showed up, and that afterward, the foursome disappeared. Great movie btw Actress: Park Ha couldn’t help but me fluttered.