But Ninagawa’s obsession with image-making saps the story until the movie, like its heroine, is merely handsomely mounted. Edit Storyline A young girl is sold into a red-light district brothel and tries to adapt to life as an oiran courtesan. She also makes no attempt to play the period — or rather ape period drama cliches, and thus comes across as totally authentic. Kiyoha, the oiran in Sakuran, played by Anna Tsuchiya, is not particularly well educated nor is she exceptionally good at any of her studied arts, but she has a fire tongue and liquid eyes that capture the attention of men, and a hot temper that sets her away and apart from the other kamuro in her house, and this is what eventually earns her a promotion to oiran. In contrast, the nudity in Sakuran is almost casual. Patsha Bay Mukuna on Viva Riva! The prefecture adjacent to the Japanese capital has the image of bei Aug 29, Full Review….

Retrieved from ” https: Works by Moyoco Anno. Early on in the movie, Kiyoha appears to fall in love though her performance is a little unconvincing , but her lover seems to disappear without pomp or reaction later in the movie. Sakuran Cover of the first Japanese manga volume. Some of the negative reviews on the part of the Japanese came from the fact that the Japanese reviewers had often read the manga before seeing the movie and were disappointed by the comparison. Add the first question. The movie is visually fairly faithful to the spirit of the original story, so much so that parts of it seem to be lifted right off of the pages, though the plot differs in several major points. The movie depicts the life of a young woman by the name of Kiyoha, from the time of her sale into a kamuro house, a Japanese brothel, to her ascension to oiran, the head kamuro in her house.

This page was last edited on 25 Aprilat Further on in the movie, she becomes pregnant from one of her customers and vows to keep the child in what initially seems like a turning point in her character, but when she loses it later novie, there appears to have been almost no character shift.

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The westerners tended to be more dazzled by the colors than anything else and, while disliking many parts of the movie, found this aspect to be so undoubtedly redeeming that it left an indelible impression. Sakura, the cherry blossoms from which the movie gets its name, are another recurring motif and their pale pink petals are often set as the only colors in otherwise dark scenes.


In short, Sakuran is an enjoyable, superbly directed and impressively acted swkuran that gives a delicious manga-slash-J-pop twist to the geisha story.

This film, from the first frame, is visually stunning. Furthermore, this dual reaction was present in almost every aspect of the movie; even the music, a modern soundtrack to go with a sqkuran film sparked difference in opinion: Feminine mystique Ninagawa paints a vivid picture.

That, she knows, is her only realistic avenue of escape. This particular characteristic comes less from a penchant for true-life stories than it does from the mode of its creation: For a Japanese audience, this is somewhat normal; many shows and movies in Japan start out as manga as this one did, and thus retain an episodic feel from their parent form.

A live-action film adaptation was released in Japan on February 24, This is perhaps realistic to a large extent: Sakuran Cover of the first Japanese manga volume. This article related to a Japanese film of the s is a stub. One striking part of the sakuram is the meandering feel of the plot.

This is the kind of film you’d want to watch in a theater or on an hdtv. In Italy, dubbing foreign films is standard; in Japan, subtit Junior Potter returns to sakutan his father’s gold, which is nowhere to be found. HE has been away for an extended period of time.

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It is the oiran who gave birth to kabuki theater and were the predecessors of the later geisha who served only as entertainers in traditional arts without offering sexual favors.

How To Train Your Dragon: Moyoco AnnoYuki Tanada. Did I mention that the artist of the original manga Moyoco Annothe scriptwriter Yuki Tanadathe art director Namiko Iwashiro and the producer Chikako Nakabayashi are also women?

The film stars Anna Tsuchiya and marks the directorial debut of photographer Mika Ninagawa. Top star Lilico undergoes multiple cosmetic surgeries to her entire body. American reviewers criticized this as being too beautiful for a whorehouse, picturing, of course, the western views of brothels as dirty, dark places, resplendent with only dirt and decay.

These women were more than just prostitutes though; they were also entertainers, and were expected to be well-versed in any of a variety of traditional Japanese arts including singing, dancing, playing instruments, tea ceremony, and ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement.


Storm Saulter is a Jamaica-based filmmaker who grew up in the town of Negril. We want to hear what you sakurah to say but need to verify your account. Kiyoha, as an under-defined character as seen from both perspectives sometimes bores the viewer with her indecipherable twists of will, and the lack of a single plot thread leaves the movie somewhat anti-climactic.

Memories of Matsuko In moie movies, nudity is still special; it usually occurs only in emotionally charged scenes, and it is shown purposefully and carefully.

Sakuran is a stunningly colorful film by director Ninagawa Mika based on a serialized manga, a Japanese comic, of the same name. While Kiyoha may, at first, osh away from this abrupt nudity, the film does not.

As her surgeries show side effect, Lilico makes the lives of those around her miserable as she tries to deal with her career and her personal problems. Son of Paleface It is because of this that the leaders of the household begin to think that she will be one day a great oiran, since they need not only beauty and talent, but also the tenacity to maintain their position.

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The movie is visually fairly faithful to the spirit of the original story, movid much so that parts of it seem to be lifted right off of the pages, though the plot differs in several major points. Please click the link below to receive your verification email. Log in with Facebook.

Then she falls in love with the young, sensitive Sojiro Hiroki Narimiya — and lets her various masks tough cookie, polished pro slip. Tomeki becomes O-Rin, a hikkomi or courtesan-in-trainingand later Kiyoha, the most beautiful girl in the Tamagiku household.



Anna Tsuchiya stars as Kiyoha, a social-climbing eakuran who inhabits and works in a bordello of the exclusive Yoshiwara district. Unlike the other girls who act genteel, giggle entrancingly, and offer sweet agreements to everything their customers say, Kiyoha gives her opinion on political matters, thinks nothing of disagreeing with anyone and anything, and blatantly stands up her most expensive customers to flirt with the young ones whom she portends to love.

Has freedom come too late?