Female Foeticide In this episode Aamir talks about the killing of unborn girls, or female foeticide, an alarming and frightening reality. Examples of toxic chemicals entering the human food chain through spraying of chemicals by farmers were given. Aamir Khan strikes the right chord with Satyamev Jayate”. But each to his own. Each time I see Kiran Rao, I get this sense of utter disgust on how Aamir cleverly took advantage of his wife of yrs and dumped her when perhaps she needed him the most. Aamir showed a few clips from Stalin’s documentary to show the prevalent practice of caste based discrimination across religious lines.

Then a doctor who served the same village described the plights of the people, on how they fought and ended this practice. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Aamir then had an interaction with Khap Panchayat , a religious caste-based council having no judicial powers. The prejudice continued right through her childhood and did not stop even after she joined the elite Jawaharlal Nehru University. Kidney specialist hits out at Aamir Khan”. I wish one day Indians would come up with something more original The fourth episode of the show threw light on the frail health care system prevalent in the country.

Philanthropy at Star doesnt mean mere donations or doing something for the interim. Foetixide first guest on the show was Amisha Yagnik from Ahmedabad. Retrieved 14 May Devi Prasad Shetty and his noble scheme that allows poor people to get medical treatment at affordable rates.

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Then a small documentary was shown on how some villages in the Kasaragod District, state of Keralawere affected by repeated unscientific spraying of pesticides using helicopter during a continuous period of 25 years, between and Sen of ZenithOptmedia India calls it a wise move.

I don’t think anybody works for free! The discrimination is so deep-rooted that even elected members of parliament are rendered helpless. Retrieved from ” https: The show also highlighted that many people from lower income brackets take loans from the bank for their daughters’ marriage expenses.


The show also shed light on a number of other such medical cases where patients suffering from minor ailments were recommended to undergo surgeries on the pretext of extracting more money from them. You have a point and you are right but at the same time, there are shows that bring awareness. Amir Khan certainly attracts viewers but such is the state of India that only already famous ppl r capable of bringing in change.

Rajanna Sreedhara, stated that his legal counsel and Fortis Hospital, where he worked, were preparing to send a legal notice to Khan and the show producers for libel. The new approach will come handy as it will allow the broadcaster to sign better sponsorship deals foetiicde with an average rating of 2. While two key sponsors Airtel and Axis Bank have returned this wfitten, automotive maker Maruti Suzuki, educational services company Aakash Educational Services Ltd, undergarments manufacturer Rupa Frontline and pharmaceuticals company Midas Care Clean and Dry are the other associate sponsors.

After marriage, her husband demanded money to go abroad for studies from her. My answer is that our content is our biggest socially responsible activity.

Instead of sitting behind a computer and making silly statements at someone’s effort you should stand up and do something for the country. Aamir should be made the president of India There was also counterpart view by a MD of a leading pesticide company, who said that the adverse use of pesticide is exaggerated.

What he is doing with SatyamevaJayate is enormous. Further, the network claims that SatyamevJayate trended as the number 1 topic across both Twitter and Facebook. Axis Banks sponsorship tie-up is pegged at R crore.

For instance, the broadcaster can ink a sponsorship deal for a month with an associate sponsor and for the next season can rope in a new sponsor. Aamir has done it once again, hats off to you!!!!! The children were told that there are three “danger zones” private parts on everyone’s body. Aamir Khan throws spotlight on child sex abuse”. So, if he’s making money, i’d rather him make it while awareness is created than not. Whats making them to block this show for other country people? Gupta goes on to say that the nature of the content is such that it requires that kind of time.


Long live Aamir Khan and his well meaning intentions. Rather than thinking negatively and too personally into the mistakes of one’s past, could you not better yourself by appreciating the good work that people are trying to achieve in this world and try to contribute in the same way if you can, if not by your actions at least by your thoughts??

Retrieved 7 May Aamir’s Satyamev Jayate touches hearts Following a great deal of hype and promotions, Aamir Khan’s ‘reality show’ Satyamev Jayate not only hit the television screens but also the viewers, who lauded the initiative. Stalin advocated inter-caste marriages as a possible solution to end this ill, which runs deep in the Indian psyche.

Written by Anushree Bhattacharyya Updated: Shreya Chaturvedi is 11 and exudes an enviable zest for life. May be he makes 5 cr per episode Think about how his daughter must be feeling alive Aamir Khan, Rajasthan CM vow to fight female foeticide”.

Sridevi teams up with Aamir for law against child sex abuse”.

Satyamev Jayate: Daughters Are Precious – Episode 1: Female Foeticide

May be we should ask how Rena Dutta Aamir’s ex-wife and her children feel about this I have long believed that the gap between news and entertainment was a redundant foeticode. Victim Pankaj Rai strikes back at doctor R Sreedhara”. The show with the hashtag SatyamevJayate began trending in the morning and continued to stay at the top through to the end of the day.