It wld be perfect if they had addressed that. Anyway, I could still enjoy it, except that I prefer Soon Yi with her long wavy hair, than her short, straight one. Really people should stop comparing Goong and Goong S She was always the stiff Sang Gung who used to always tell him personal feelings should stay out of things. I also have the same final thoughts as you xD Joon likes how simple things were back then, before they knew anything, just happily playing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. I just wanted to be sure he was good enough for her. When I first start, I think it’s kinda boring but as you said it had X-factor that keeps you continuing. Even if it wasn’t in video cool!! Out of curiosity, which Goong series do you prefer more? I was kinda expecting a big royal wedding crowd with all the tradition stuff haha.

She had strongly persuaded the elders, who opposed the match, into accepting. There were a few episodes in the middle there that nearly made my eyes bleed in boredom, but the latter half of the series picked up.

If status is taken too goonv, in the wrong way, it can bring many people misfortune.

It has helped me a lot in understanding this series! But it was sad to see that they did not show Hwang Tae Hu accepting Soonyi. Would you like it? I was kinda expecting a big royal wedding crowd with all the tradition stuff haha.


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I cried so much. I felt much more for Hoo and Soon-yi because, as characters, they were built with depth and layers. I love how it ended.

Especially when it came to the political intrigue. I thought you would be able to enjoy it. The former male attendant to the Pye-ha is retiring, and so the female Shi Jong Gwan has been promoted. If we had, I might actually care about him as a character.

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But they brush it aside as empty threats. Retrieved April 26, When we had homework, I wanted to do it all for you.

I had hoped that would include that in the last episode to tie up the loose ends in the series. In My Girlon the other hand, I thought it was unnecessary and melodramatic.

But unlike his last few visits, this time, he seems calm and at peace. The ending was unexpectedly moving that I never thought it would be as what they have showed.

D I really liked the two main leads, as much as I li9ked the fiurst goong Thank you! But Hyo-jang grabs Joon into a crushing princexs, wracked with tears. Overall, I think Goong S was highly under-rated and suffered because people like me could not look past the Goong comparisons.


I didn’t watch this show because of se7en epiosde I started after this series is on episode Hoo gives her a ticket to New York, and tells her: They accompany Sae-ryung and her kids to the beach, where they sit, not talking, but both remembering the same conversation from when they were kids:. I cried reading the summary because Hoo was just so moving to me!!!

But I didn’t like the ending much. Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved January 3, I knew Se7en from hhours early days but never a fan of him.

Princess Hours Ep 20 ( Thai Drama with Eng Sub)

Permit me to quote what u said. This is sure one of good dramas that give you lots of thought about what life is. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Thanks a lot for your in-depth review of Goong S.

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But I still have a lot of worries… I worry that I might ruin things for you. After half of the series, I really think the drama gets better. This drama was later adapted into a musical titled Goong: