It’s possible that this was not a one time thing and he frequently chose to flake out and not show up to meetings and gatherings. Unless he brings it up after it’s fixed or he has nefarious other motives to sell it or something given the actor my brain jumped to evil immediately which isn’t fair of me lol. But Writer-nim doesn’t seem to understand it, nor have focus to adapt properly and no themes to anchor the writing. He’s too bad to be a bad boy. Ji Yoon is retained to help Suk Joo and also to prevent others from knowing of his predicament. The writers still want to do makjang through and through, but their makjang fails on the basic logic-heart level.

I love it that kid Hyung Tae looks so much like the adult version. The first episode to air was “Meet the Girls”. Iconiq Sugar , MC Mong. Lee Ki-chan , Ock Joo-hyun. Three first guests promoted for Hearty Paws 2. There seems to be some sexual awareness between HaNa and Won.

Mi-hyang pouts that Won never called her once from his trip as they enjoy sponsored facial masks and sponsored beer, asking what he thought about while he was all by his lonesome.

Tae-rin talks with Hyun on the phone and asks to speak with the female employee that she spoke with previously. They went straight to the altar.

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I don’t think this drama is even trying anymore. On the other hand, we have a heroine who is kindhearted, warm, and selfless. Sing My Song Special 2. The return of the first wife I despise the writers for sayangki back the dead mommy Seo Ji-won, Lee Soo-young. But this comes pretty close.

Too much emphasis on the dead wife. Sunny August 9, at 7: Or should I just suffer through the finale along with everyone else?


List of Happy Together episodes

Yes, she is very selfish and wrong to have abandoned her family. I have found that Viki and DF commentators seem to come from a totally different demographic than the usual posters here. There were episodes aired during Season 1, which ended on April 28, And thanks Gummimochi for the recaps, they made watching this show twice as good: That way, it makes sense for Won to both like her and be unable to work up the courage to move forward.

Then again, this is only my second k drama of the year and the second I’ve followed in a really long time. Yul needed to sort out his divorce with Na Young and Da Jung needs time for herself.

Dr stranger is Dr jin, Gigli and Green Lantern bad those were slit your wrists bad.

Prime Minister and I: Episode 17 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Anyways, I still think the series is really good Happy Days topic Happy Days is an American television sitcom that aired first-run from January 15, to September 24, on ABC, with a total of half-hour episodes spanning eleven seasons. A sweet family moment? Download the latest version here.

It was like fate made them wait for each other to grow emotionally together. But Writer-nim doesn’t seem to understand it, nor have focus to adapt properly and no themes to anchor the writing.

At the very least, recreate that one. Another show I wanted to like, since I’ve seen the Taiwanese version. Jang Hyunsung learns to cook and do housework for the first time in his life.


It really cemented Woo Jin’s character for me. Member feedback about List of Swo Tree Friends episodes: Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Monkey D. The first in the series for me.


YunhoChangminJaejoongYoochunJunsu. They all promoted for Papa.

Then Kwon Yul should have tried harder finding the body then I really like this show, however forward momentum is needed.

It was like the balloon just burst But I really want for SeoRi to start finding clues from her old life.

I wish Da Jung could at least talked to Man Se a few times during that year, that she is writing a book about a bread-eating aeo. It was quite a pleasant surprise actually. It reminds me of how Faith ended.

Three first guests promoted for Battlefield Heroes. The Seo Hoo she used to see as romantic is quickly becoming a stifling nuisance. Member feedback about List of Drawn Together characters: Hi, I am new with this dramaThanks for your recap i can follow the story since i kind a miss 17 epsiodesdo you know where i can watch all the episodes with sub thank you all.

Episodes Share this: You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Thanks a lot for the recaps. Evy July 28, at The entire relationship between our OP essentially grounded to a halt when she reappeared. Also, didn’t Seo Ri’s mother passed away when she was like 5 years old or something?