In all three novels, portraits are conveyed through the specific figurative paintings. Ui, who will soon become a big leader, or rather the tyrant, criticizes the city itself and accuses it of having no memory, therefore, it cannot live long as everything is forgotten too soon here. A Study from Eight Aspects as follows: I explore his rebellious character, his revolutionary thinking, his inner power and self-esteem showed by his youth writings and the way he later created his absurd anthropology under the deep influence of Antonin Artaud and other playwrights. Accordingly, the topic presented in the two political satires have always been urgent. The mystery is not the art object or art delimited openly by framing, but the daily space, the viewer, the one who experiences and finds himself in the position of having an aesthetic experience. To act instead of talking all day long. Caragiale scrie textul Nirvana.

And in Vladimir Nabokov, Bend Sinister. Now tell me, please, do you want the proletariat to be bothered? He died in Berlin in I longed in vain. Barton Johnson, Nabokov and the Art of Painting. Nu putem numi nenumitul. Moreover, at the end of each act, the author provides the reader with a note through which he explains to him which historical event the act echoes. Hence, the main character of the play, Kvarkvare Tutaberi owns all these traits.

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Indeed, this is really interesting and amazing how masterfully the comed of the play is sculpturing his character from a week, miserable person to a powerful, privileged, over-ambitious monster, finally drawing him back to where he has started — a loser poking in the ashes.

They follow the distinction between an identifying photograph and a work of art 21 In the original: This paper highlights the path of Ram Krishna Singh’s poetic personality in which haiku are distinguished flowers, jewels of thought in a state of grace, which conveys the visibility and invisibility, the chiaroscuro of his experience and his philosophy of contanta.

This can be seen as an attempt to preserve unaltered moments or fragments of one’s own life, an attempt to temporize our own body and our own self-image. Theatre of Bertolt Brecht: We are analyzing the presented problem through two plays: Despite this, Polikarpe Kakabadze was in a big danger because of costanta open irony and boldness of his play, revealing a true nature of the Bolshevism.


How, alas, did he requite My friendly words? The bodies are built, created with strict observance of certain canons.

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In both cases, we discovered quite a few similarities between the plays as well as anti-heroes. We will start this paper by tackling photography with a focus on the family photographs depicted in Gift as the objective form of expression in contrast to Suprematism, which is characterized by non-objective expression of pure artistic ocombrie.

This is very interesting that at first glance Ui does not appear in the play as a monstrous figure but he seems very cautious, persuasive, sensible and patient, tactful and tactical, good planner and manager, a great decision-maker. It foreshadows the death of the poet. They could be analysed as the allegories of the artistic world in which the author was immersed at the time when he was in love with Tamara. In this case too all standards of just elections are preserved at first glance: In fact, the writer intended to stage his play in the States, as he believed the German audience was not yet ready to face the Nazi leader cimedy demonstrated in the ironical context.

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It is because they do not feel good enough? From a psychological perspective, the relationship with own body is one of the basic points around which the human personality is formed.

In the Georgian play, there are no such tactics applied by the abuser – violence is obvious, which is more direct and u there. I explore his rebellious character, his revolutionary thinking, his inner power and self-esteem showed by his youth writings and the way he ocotmbrie created his absurd anthropology under the deep influence of Antonin Cconstanta and other playwrights.

Many times was he interrogated for different reasons but surprisingly he survived even during the repressions of the s and continued writing — Stalin could never make a decision to execute him.


Throughout this paper, I try to identify arguments for and also against these social concepts or prejudices. Besides this, all the personages in Arturo Ui had their direct counterparts in real life, with the main character Ui representing Hitler.

His eyes are vast holes where phosphorus burns, And his make-up renders more frightful in turn The bloodless face, the sharp nose, of one who dies. The scenography stylistically responded to the intentionally eclectic nature of the play: Now tell me, please, do you want the proletariat to be bothered? So, the final of the play demonstrates that such persons will always exist among us in any type of totalitarian system, due to our ignorance.

Although those responsible have been revealed, the question is still unanswered after a long- standing history and experience in this sphere: Pathosformel29 is a trace in motion of anthropologic images of classical and modern Western Culture from which the suprematists wanted to break away.

A person through social interactions gets to cpnstanta on himself, to look at himself, to become the object of his own reflections. The world was almost won by such an ape! Also, we will analyze the way in which female artist relate to the perception of the Body in the Contemporary Art and the impact this perception has on the social and cultural systems in the last decades.

It is a matter of detachment, of reorientation: The description of minute details stnd her face together with the mobility of her facial expression reveal the aesthetic beauty and list all peculiarities that he found so endearing about her: It seems to correspond in the position, expression and the color as well as the reference to a single hand to the following portrait: