But I love Lara anyway! If future TR’s have the isolated atmosphere then I look forward to them with glee. Learn more More Like This. Also, are some of the puzzles missing? The Oscar nominee reflects on his memorable appearance on ” Game of Thrones ,” and teases his Star Wars role. Yes No Report this. Sure, lots of nostalgia involved, but also a lot of bugs and unwanted hints on TRA’s part. At eleven o’clock that night, the task of watching the tapes falls to secondary detectives Blu and Scotty.

Through the whole film I was more and more drawn in, and the magnet was the human beings on the screen. Just making an observation. The case is closed before police find out about the hidden cameras. I mention the first two Alien movies because I think there are parallels with original TR and this version. They’re both equally great, so I choose not to vote on this poll. TR1 and TRA are equal with me. As opposite to TR1 in Saturn for example, where you could only save a limited number of times in each level, and in specific locations.

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The case is closed before police find out about the hidden cameras. The Lost Island was also completely unmemorable. I hope it’s not just the novelty of a new game, but I feel like TRA is definitely in the top three of TR games for me: Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. TR1 and TRA are equal with me. The general consensus among those who preferred Aliens was replzy it was a better action movie. The degree that there will be a “honeymoon period” is IMHO much less.

The puzzle rooms in TRA Midas are excellent, the fire room especially is breathtaking, but the overall level design is extremely contrived.

TR1 was more realistic. I have only played through TR1 three times, but it was memorable, in part because it was more challenging. I don’t get it anymore.


On the other hand, there are some really good new things in TRA. The controls are good in TRA and there is no problem with them, if some find there is, then it is no fault but their own.

TRA is a superb remake, but I still feel Tomb Raider is more atmospheric and open, with less-linear gameplay. The people on the side of Alien liked it better because it was more suspenseful, and because the antagonist was more threatening largely because the protagonists had no weapons.

TRA is more fun, more realistics and it got more replay value.

I also don’t like how you need to use that adrenaline shot with most things. I hadn’t been planning to watch a movie, but I came in just as td1 was beginning, and didn’t leave my seat until the film was over. I didn’t vote because Anniversary and TR1 shouldn’t be pitted against one another.

Because the original definitely had more content, was more epic and engrossing than TRA, noone can deny that: I can’t stand the graphics in tr sorry to say so i don’t play it! But I voted Anniversary, only because it’s the one I prefer, but not because it’s the better Tomb Raider game I’m not saying ‘come back in 6 months to a years time and see how it holds up’ as I did with Legend oh, how nice it was to be vindicated on that one I’ve been replaying for about a week and I still don’t have all the artifacts.

However, too many key levels in TRA were butchered or left dry and uninspiring due to time constraints perhaps such as Natla’s Mines, all the Lost Island levels, the Cistern, the Collesium and the Palace Midas.

Use the HTML below. Five minutes later the gunmen are dead. I would have thought the original would win hands down, at least in these parts.


Not to mention the controls are sooo much smoother and makes leaping from wall to wall so much more fluid. I’m only on the Folly, so I’ll reserve final judgement, but so far, except for the fight of the TRex which was just plain annoying, I have had one heck of a whooping good time and have been thoroughly sold on what CD can do.

The animal AI was plain embarrising. If future TR’s have the isolated atmosphere then I look forward to them with glee. TR1 hands down, it is the original and therefore the blueprint of what I expect from all TR’s; some things of which TRA did not deliver unfortunately!

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What this film is about is how observers try to separate themselves from what’s observed, and the successes and failures inherent in that. May be i am too old hr1 ages, the old version bring me back to 10 years ago, and makes me so many thinking not on the game but those time i spent in overseas for busy and hard businz, also bring me back my young repaly and all the live that period. I voted for TR1 because dying is just a way to restore your health in Anniversary.

TRA By millllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllions.: And they will come here and say TR8 is the best TR when it is released. I honestly can’t decide.

Blu voice Michael Buscemi The impact was minimal when compared to TR1. TRA is a great game but its a remake.

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Nothing could capture again the unique atmosphere and feeling of TR1. Its just one of a kind. TR1 shouldn’t be compared with TRA.