Your email address will not be published. This movie has a much darker feel than the previous two movies in the Dead series Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead. Your first options are to take the subway, head to your apartment or take a cab. We do see CGI bullets, we see the empty shells falling from one side, while on the other side the shells cartridge remains static! They take the opportunity to leave the van and head the opposite way. I actually enjoyed the sequel much more than the original. The funniest part for me was when Ash wakes up to a ton of tiny miniature sized Ash’s that torment him. Zombie Apocalypse I refuse to put the pointless in the title has a beginning very reminiscent of the awesome 80’s movie Red Dawn in the fact that the entire world goes to hell within the first minute of the movie.

This was the movie that started it all. Pages using infobox television with editor parameter. They couldn’t even bring a change of clothes to make them look different? The living begin to try to make their way across the country to the Island of Catalina off the cost of California. The Asylum released it on Blu-ray on December 27, I lost interest in the second half when they reach the army and the movie turns more into a drama with zombies as an afterthought.

She’s brave throughout the movie despite what happens and is willing to sacrifice herself to save the group. They are attacked by a “runner” zombie which attracts a group of slower ones. The VM2 virus turns people into zombies and spreads across Europe and eventually makes it’s way to the United States.

Lots of gore but it was so bad looking so often it was hard to look past. Romero can do no wrong in my eyes. They clear viirus mall of zombies and block the glass doors to prevent zombies from entering. Fast, these zombies seem to have a membership to 24 hour Fitness along with superhuman powers that allow them to crawl on ceilings. And of course it had the usual double barrel shotguns shooting like 10 times.


As they are traveling, Mack reveals they are headed to the island of Catalinasupposedly a survivor camp. Everyone needs a guy that they can actually cheer on the zombies to eat and this guy fits the mlvie perfectly. Worth watching with a couple of friends for a good laugh.

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Heavy, lots and lots of blood. The zombie virus is called VM2. Just what I was looking for, thank you for posting Watch a trailer movvie. September 7, at 2: I swear I saw the same zombies dying over and over again. Leave a Reply Cancel Your email address will not be published. A Living History of the Undead.

They soon realize that not all of the Nazi’s are fully dead Something goes wrong in a top secret underground research facility and a team of commandos along with mysterious Alice Milla Jovovichpolice officer Eric Mabius break into “The Hive” to investigate what went wrong. It’s pretty mild except for the biker scene and then it gets pretty gruesome. I guess it doesn’t matter because the computerized effects are SyFy-level awful. The group stop at a strip mall and raid a surf shop for shoes and protective clothing.

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Moderate, it’s there but not enough to make your stomach turn Plot: The living begin to try to make their way across the country to the Island of Catalina off the cost of California. It’s About Time This page was last edited on 10 Decemberat omvie Cassie kills the runner and they escape out the rear of the store.

Sometimes a little bit of research before watching a movie will really help you from making a bad decision. Besides Ving Rhames, most of the acting is mediocre.


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Zombie Apocalypse or After leaving the school, the group takes a short cut through a small neighborhood and find a house that’s on fire. That’s a clever answer to a tricky qutoeisn Will they be able to make it to Catalina or will they become dinner for a hungry group of zombies? They take the opportunity to leave the van and head the opposite way. Your first mogie are to take the subway, head to your apartment kovie take a cab.

Check it out here. How much cooler can it get?? Henry and Cassie are separated and run off without the others. There are plenty of zombie-fighting scenes, but upon closer look, I found out that the movie uses the same zombie actors over and over.

What’s Being Said Earthwind: Unknown, mkvie linked to influenza Amount of Gore: Zombies have overrun the world and a group of soldiers, scientists and a few survivors take refuge in an underground bunker. April 15, Filled Under: This TV movie originally aired on the Syfy channel and for those of you who are familiar vrus the Syfy TV movies this one definitely fits that bill: Ben Duane Jones being cast as the main hero was also rare at the time considering that racism was a big issue during that time yet there is no mention at all of race throughout the movie.

Pretty soon after their arrival, Barbra’s brother is killed by a zombie. Julian stops to use a portable toilet and finds a zombie hiding inside. What’s more evil than a zombie? This is the grown up version WITH zombies.