Dancing with the Ducklett Trio! A UFO for Elgyem! Bianca seizes Axew against its will and Iris protests that she’s made a mistake, but Bianca loudly maintains that she has Zorua. Ash pleads with Snivy to get up as Pawniard prepares another Guillotine. In the stadium, the announcer sets off the pairings: This video has been licensed to ShareTV for distribution purposes. Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!

The announcer comments that Gurdurr is making good use of its steel beam, and that Dwebble cannot go near it. Burgundy is very happy that it hit. Stephan mentions that there are cracks in the rock. Meanwhile, Zorua wanders over to Luke, who is doing behind-the-scenes filming for his documentary. Cilan tegen Trip, Ash tegen Georgia! Cilan says that Trip has gotten better, and that his battling has exceeded his expectations. Pawniard flirts like a female with flowers in the background, and does one of Georgia’s poses. English themes Opening Black and White.

The announcer says that Pawniard performed an excellent escape from the trouble she was in. Cilan tells Dwebble that it did well in the battle, as a flash comes from Trip’s camera.

Dreams episod the Yard Full! Cilan cries out in horror while Burgundy smugly notes that Gurdurr just needs to keep it up to make her happy. Ash and Stephan continue to battle over eating their food.

Georgia calls Iris a child, as sparks fly between them. In the Shadow of Zekrom! It then uses Rock Slide to ah Gurdurr in stones. Ash reminds her that she is up next, which she has completely forgotten. Gurdurr sticks its beam into the ground and charges forward for a Rock Smash.

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Burgundy is angry that Cilan won, and says that he will definitely lose in the second round. Gurdurr charges in with its steel beam, but Dwebble rolls aside and Cilan vesrus Shell Smash.


Options Mirror 1 Mirror 2 report. As usual, Burgundy arrives and tells him that any pairing he will get tomorrow will be terrible and he will lose. Bianca walks up to Zorua and asks what food she would like, as she offers Zorua salad, Pizza and dessert. Best Wishes series BW Ash remembers the Timburr that they battled before with Oshawott, and notices that it had evolved since the last time that they battled. Iris calls her a child, as Georgia admits that she is indeed a child.

She then walks off without anything further than that. Cilan smiles and compliments Trip’s improvement then declares that is evaluating time, much to the exasperation of Iris, who notes that they are in store for another Connoisseur moment.

Ash is excited to watch the battle and Iris tells him that while Trip seems very confident, she can’t imagine Cilan losing. Cilan asks them pokempn calm down until Zorua, imitating Georgia, turns up. The two taunt each other and talk themselves up. Don George explains that Rock Slide was all the more powerful because Shell Smash amplified Dwebble’s offense at the cost of some defense power. Ash asks Bianca where she has been, and says that her battle is up next.

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Pawniard prepares to use Guillotine, as Ash pleads to Snivy to get back up to end the episode. Don George mentions that Stone Edge is super-effective against Dwebble.

Emolga uses Attract to infatuate Watchog. Snivy gets back up and Epieode rushes in, but Ash orders Attract. As the Club Battle begins versuz, Luke is filming everything for his documentary as the announcer declares that Trip will be fighting Cilan. Stephan calls that it is his turn and Zebstrika uses Shock Wavebadly hurting Minccino. He says that he’ll show a better battle than back then against Chili at the Striaton Gym.


The Lost World of Gothitelle! Snivy dodges but the attack dislodges rocks which fly at Snivy. Ash wonders what kind of battle they will have.

Pokemon S14E40 Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia

Iris is happy to see that Dwebble learned Rock Slide. Snivy uses Leaf Storm, while Pawniard dodges the attack and gets closer to Snivy.

Pawniard gets up, and jumps into the air so that the Leaf Blade would break the rock and free Pawniard. Archeops in the Modern World!

Stephan tells Ash that he will win as well. Gurdurr attempts another Rock Smash, but at Cilan’s call Dwebble scuttles out of range. Pawniard leaps over and triip in close on Georgia’s instructions, using Metal Claw to slash Snivy, causing serious damage. Georgia says that she won’t let them get away. Cilian mot Trip, Ash mot Georgia!

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