Meanwhile, suspicions continue to arise regarding Yoon Hee’s true gender and identity. And I hope to hear more stories about Yong ha and moon shin: That was my only glaring question. Your email address will not be published. Minister Ha once again seeks out Cho-sun. Because there is no hope for the new Joseon you dream of.

Oh, and thanks for the recaps everyone! They should have given them a get together at the end Man now I’m gonna have to brush up on my people-saving skills I am watching Eps Watch ‘ Sungkyunkwan Scandal ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Can she keep up the charade long enough to get the education she desires and keep her emotions at bay? Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 10 9.

Additionally, this damages the credibility of the geumdeungjisa as well. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. Yoon-hee kicks her shoe into the stream which is why she later slips on a rock but when Sun-joon is scandak up to hug her you can see she has both shoes on.

I really do appreciate the additional insight in this wonderful drama! You guys are great. Onlime just love this drama.

Thanks so emgsub for the hilarious reply you posted to me which I attach below because the system does not allow me to post a reply to it:. Been wondering about it for so long but just didn’t get to ask about it I shudder at the thought.

While the Sungkyunkwan scholars prepare for a schoolwide watcy, Seong Joon and Yoon Hee’s relationship continues to develop. I love how Sun-joon is always acting he so worried for her and sometimes I’m mistaken that he act as a gay obviously he have to keep that in mind while Yoon shik scancal have to act like a guy must be confusing even for them,rather than a viewer like me. Only a few more. Not to save your people? Thank you for the recap!! Chae Byung Chan Supporting Cast.


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From its beautiful cinematography to its unexpectedly intense narrative to its absolutely lovable characters from the four leads right down to sungkyunkkwan extrasit was just plain charming.

It was simply hilarious. I love you all! Choi Dong Joon Supporting Cast. Their faith in the king dashed to pieces, Yong-ha and Jae-shin stew at a local tavern, worrying about how scared Yoon-hee must be.

He acknowledges that he once pitied his brother because he thought his brother died for a world he hated, but he realized only now that his brother had actually loved the world too much. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

It was reported that the Red Messenger entered the grounds with extensive injuries and Hyang-gwan-cheong was probably the best place to hide out and get medicinal herbs. No one here has the right to point any fingers. Then where would I be?

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Thanks for the recap cassi. Episode 9 Full Episode S 1: He glued the quartet together, and was always there to scanddal the day. In order to make money for her family, Kim Yoon Hee takes tests and create cheat sheets for lazy scholars, bringing her face to face with the upright Sun Joon. That way I can stay alive in your memories.


I too look forward to continue reading your comments in future drama recaps and hope to be awed by your cerebral thoughts and insights all over again The king has found the container holding the geumdeungjisa — only, he claims the geumdeungjisa was not found inside.

I actualy decided to belive that she hit her head while falling that is how you can be drawn even in not so deep place. What a double whammy of redemption!

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Run away from me, Kim Yoon-shik. Minister Ha once again seeks out Cho-sun. Thak you so much for recapping red pill, Cassie, Girlfriday and Javabeans I will miss smarty T I’m already missing the guys especially Yoo Ah-in. I feel so bad for Guh-ro! But this ep also contained a lot of inconsistencies I also loved Yoon Hee telling Sun-Joon how much she loved her first day at SKK, how she never knew how great it was to be in a classroom.

Sungkyunkwan scholars are permitted to visit home during break.

Informantxgirl November 11, at He dived into the rocky creek and knee-deep water! Kudos to Yoo Chun for the emotional confession. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Sun-joon lays down the compass that the king gave him.