If you need a billet rail to go with that new secondary injector set up, we’ve got that too with stand off’s that mate directly to our manifold. A few hours with stripper and q-tips…Win! Would you folks in turn have the rest of the mani polished or would I have to take care of that after gettting it back? So my engine bay used to be shiny red. It’s been over 4 months since you last posted. The new plenum is permanent mold cast for superior finish and casting soundness with a phenolic shell core used for internal walls to yeild some of the best quality available.

Yup, the q45 intake is big. Unspecified Length More from this Seller. If it ever gets painted again, the bay will be resprayed red, and there will be a major wiretuck job. Guaranteed 3 day delivery. Would that be it? Since it was a curved surface, it was tough to make dry within the stamped design. Guaranteed by Wed, Feb

I also just ordered Xcessive motor mount tabs which should lower it just a bit more to help out. Light weight Aluminum intake Manifold- RB25det motor. All Auction Buy It Now.

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I’ll let you know what I hear. Our KA24DE manifold is made with our own designed runners for better flow and fit.

Original Nissan sx S13 intake manifold bracket. Modified by Ajax at 8: A few hours with stripper and q-tips…Win! Skip to main content.

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The plenum is drilled for the factory throttle body and bolt pattern but comes pre machined for up to a 70 mm bore Up to 80 mm bore available and custom bolt patterns as special order, call prior to ordering. Worst case scenario- I’ll drive it down to AMS as is, and have them install- my tuning appointment is April 23rd.


Any one of these issues would be no biggie, but put them together with the grip xxessive other things I had to Finn rig, and you end up with a not so happy Ian.

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Fitment Type see all. GReddy Intake Plenums are designed to maximize performance in highly tuned engines. A ror good amount of metal needs to be removed from the back of the front cover just to clear the coolant temp sensor.

We went upper plenum first, then lower plenum and by we- I mean pretty much Ian because he’s the man- Thanks!!! However, this is the kind of thing we need for KA’s, so it’s all progress in the right direction I suppose.

Xcessive uses both S13 and S14 cores. Definetly not for those seeking to be emission compliant.

KA24DE Top Feed Fuel rail for Xcessive intake

I want justification to spend all that money on the stroker kit lol. We are almost there- need some fuel lines to reroute, need to come up with a new intake tube so I can eventually put a hood on.

Nice to be able to say you are the first though Good to hear that they are addressing the issues, I hope they are doing something extra to make up for the pain. Holy [censored], you’re alive? The S13 chassis requires cutting of the underhood bracing for clearance. It started overheating really fast- so much so that it took about an hour to go 11 miles stop and shut engine down to cool, start up and go again.


I took it around the block a few times- had a really raspy quality that it hadn’t had before, so I brought it back to my garage. People will do what ever they can in their power to be wealthier even if that means screwing over a family member. Install is straightforward except for the minor clearance issues.

I’m dying to see pics of it bolted up. Precision CNC machined from T6 billet aluminum. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser xcsesive utilize the functionality of this website.

Mmm, embossed lettering…So I pull out the masking tape. Im sure we could put our plenum on your manifold. The S14 chassis does not have clearance issues. About the CA Manifold Finally, aftermarket production KA Intake Manifold.

Stock head and valves at. Victor More from this Seller. She didn’t want to start right away; I think I probably need a new distributor cap and wires, but she sputtered to life after a few tries.